If you, like our Managing Editor Dan Tyson, have a problem with the Nexus Accessories (or lack thereof), there’s some good news this morning. Google have shown their hand and given us a look at the first official Nexus 7 2013 accessory – a neoprene sleeve for your latest toy simply called “Nexus 7 Sleeve”.

Be warned, the price isn’t cheap!

In fact it’s quite rediculous for a zip up sleeve, $29.99US + shipping starting at just shy of $18US to US/Canadian addresses. When this becomes available in Australia, you’re probably looking at a $60 cover. In this case, you’re probably better to go to your local JB HIFI and pick up a generic sleeve, go grab a coffee and still have change from $40 when you get home. Needless to say I’ll be giving this one a miss.

Have you purchased a case for your Nexus 7? What and where did you pick up your accessories? Help your fellow geeks in the comments below

Source: Play Store.
Via: Android Central.
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I just want to get a new nexus first not some other useless stuff. What’s wrong with Google this time?


They are just staggering the launch so they dont have the supply issues the nexus 4 and 10 have had.


But why they had staggering launch?