The full two minute long commercial from HTC featuring Robert Downey Jr has gone live, the ad which incorporates the first three videos we’ve seen so far continues on again giving various remixes of things HTC could possibly stand for.

It’s quirky and a little over the top, but if you can get through Hipster Troll Carwash without at least a small grin appearing then you’re stronger than I.

One thing that they’ve gotten into this full length commercial is an actual product, with the HTC One appearing at various stages throughout.

We’ll wait and see what else is in store, there will be a lot more coming from HTC and Robert Downey Jr over the course of this two year campaign.

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Utsav Shrestha

Hide This Commercial…….


For a multimillion dollar contract, he wasn’t in many scenes, from what I saw.

Alexei Watson

Half Their Cash went into this add

geoff fieldew

I suspect I’m in the minority but I think the ad is actually quite clever. The idea that it’s anything you want it to be is quite appealing. Now HTC just have to make it a reality by allowing users to actually do that without having to install a third party launcher (which many people would not know about) to get rid of stuff like Blinkfeed if they don’t want it.


What he said..


One of the most cringe worthy ads I’ve ever experienced…


And not a single link to it in the post 😛

Jason Murray

You could say we were saving you the pain, but … updated 😉