Chromecast suffers from a flaw at the moment, and that is that none of the developers who are making apps for the device are actually able to release them. Google has to whitelist devices in order for them to be used, but Koush it seems has reverse engineered the check to allow him to release a limited Beta of his AirCast app which allows users to share videos from their gallery as well as Dropbox or Google Drive account.

The Beta which Koush advises will self destruct in just two days, has been active since this morning. The stream is controllable from the remote in the App or within the notification area and allows you to play and control the stream.

There are a number of Australians who’ve managed to successfully import a Chromecast so far, Chris has tested the app out and it apparently works rather well. It’s still a beta release, so Koush is asking for feedback, already an issue on some Gallery Apps has been submitted, whereby the AirCast button does not appear.

We can only imagine the small conniption that Apple are having over the name – that is if they even notice – but keep your eye out for a more general release of AirCast once Google relaxes restrictions surrounding the Beta of the Chromecast SDK, until then you can download the APK for AirCast from the ClockwordMod site.

Source: Koush Google+.
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Phillip Molly Malone

I’ve said it once and I will say it again. If Apple were smart and not Apple, they would build the Receiving protocol/functionality into the AppleTV and just kill it! Image AppleTV that could receive all the AirPlay inputs as well as all the GoogleCast inputs?

Will never ever happen!



One day, when I can buy one, this will be awesome.