The latest announcement from the Chrome team saw some improvements to the omnibox suggestions for Chrome for desktop, but more importantly for Android they’ve announced that WebRTC will now be incorporated into the Android Chrome Browser.

Introduced into Chrome Beta for Android back in July, the WebRTC support will be rolling out to Android users through Google Play over the next few days, once installed it will allow video conversations directly in the browser.

The interesting part of this release for me, is the way WebRTC is used for mirroring Chrome Tabs from the desktop to the Chromecast, with WebRTC now integrated into Chrome for Android it’s more than likely this function of Chromecasting from the desktop will move to mobile, something that is quite useful when you want to display information on your phone to a larger audience.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁
Source: Google Chrome Blog.
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    Try the WebRTC video calling feature on Chrome for Android with Bistri

    Sujay Vilash

    What is WebRTC or what does it doe (sorry for a noob question) ?


    Web Real Time Communication. Think Google Hangouts in the browser without a plugin needed.

    Sujay Vilash

    Thanks Mikey. Understand now.

    Sujay Vilash

    Unfortunately, I have dropped Chrome from my PC as well as my HTC One. Personally, I think Google have destroyed what was a very good browser. V23 of Firefox is now faster and more stable than my Chrome. Although, I must say that it does have its flaws as well. Time to move back to IE ?


    Recently made the switch from Firefox to Chrome on PC and haven’t looked back. Ironically, I also made the switch from Chrome to Firefox on Android. I’ve got to say, Firefox runs much faster and reliably on my phone than Chrome ever did. Google need to sort out the performance issues quick smart.