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The European Imaging and Sound Association (EISA) awards were held last week and Android devices featured heavily amongst the winners, taking away a total of 7 of the awards on offer. The awards recognised innovation, technology advancements, best of, consumer awards as well as a host of other categories.

HTC One, Advanced Smartphone of the year

The HTC One has a list of specs that at this point in time is second to none, features to make life easier and software to make the phone simple to use. While there is some stiff competition, there’s no doubt that the HTC One is a worthy winner of this award.

European Tablet of the Year

There’s not a heap of competition out there at this point in time for 10″ Android Tablets at the top end of the market, and in our review of the Sony Xperia Tablet Z garnered praise for doing a good job against some other stiff competition in the 10″ Android tablet market from devices like the Nexus 10, so it was only really ever going to be a two horse race for the European Tablet of the year which went to the Xperia Tablet Z/

Like the other recent editions to the Xperia Z range, it’s water and dustproof to 1.5 meter depth meaning that the tablet is pretty much immune to your everyday accidents around the house (other than people sitting on it) and as light and thin as it is it’s certainly an easy accessory to everyday travel. A great device, even if it’s a little overpriced, and in my opinion is well deserving of the award.

Slim and Beautiful, the Huawei Ascend P6 picks up best consumer smartphone

It’s is a decent phone for the price, in our review we said that

This would be a great handset for someone new to smartphones who doesn’t want to spend almost a grand on such a phone. At half that price, it’s easy to use, easy to enjoy and customise, and has the feature set and power to do what 80 – 90% of smartphone users will want to do.

which makes it an excellent choice as a Consumer Smartphone.

Samsung pick up 3 awards

Samsung picked up an impressive 3 awards at EISA;
The Photo Innovation award for their Galaxy Camera NX, a first for photography and a first for Android to be a truly “connected” camera. The award has recognised that through the design the camera allows near real time photo editing and connectivity anywhere.

The Social Media phone award for the Galaxy S4 Mni, recognising the device as “The complete package”; good size and performance to handle any social media tasking that you may desire.

The Green Phone award, recognising the minimal impact on the environment and scarce use of toxic metals for the Galaxy S4. Perhaps one of the points of difference for the S4 over it’s competitors as sited by the award is the removable battery allowing proper disposal of the device in the future.

In-car Navigation and Media

The Parrot Asteroid picked up the final nod for Android at EISA this year taking home the In-Car Navi-Media System Award. Boasting an impressive list of features, apps and connectivity (some of which you won’t legally be able to use while driving on Australian roads) such as GPS, Internet Radio, Social Media, Text to Speech and Video Playback it’s a stunning piece of hardware that would certainly be a must have for someone who spends hours a day in their vehicle.

Would you have chosen a different device for any of these awards? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below

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