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It seems that European LG executives are able to speak about plans for the company with almost no restrictions. We heard from LG Mobile’s European VP Kim Won back in May who laid out plans which included a tablet – and a later redacted statement on the Nexus 5. And now an LG Excecutive from Bulgaria by the name of Dimitar Vulev, the Manager of Mobile communications products has spoken with Bulgarian news site Dnevnik.

He spoke of the success of the current L Series II line of phones as well as the still selling original L Series, which contributed to LG selling 12.1 Million smartphones in the 2nd Quarter of 2013.

Mr Vulev, spoke about a wide range of upcoming devices and the current state of LG in the mobile space. In regards to wearable computing, he took a reserved approach towards both a Google Glass competitor but also did say that a Smartwatch could be coming soon to the US first.

To be honest, LG made Watch Mobile phone three years ago, but not experienced success because the market was not ripe. Very important not only to make a product, but to let him go at the right time. The market should be ready to have the relevant factors.

I think next year we will have a similar product, but I can not share more details. It is expected in the first United States. Will necessarily participate in new niches. In some markets, we will offer a flexible display, but still can not say in what.

The subject of more Phablets was broached and apparently more could be on the way, the LG tablet the G Pad also seems likely to be coming soon.

There’s a full interview over at the source, worth a read and he touches on LGs plans to possibly move into both Windows Phone and Firefox based phones, but apparently Android is the key focus for them. We can obviously expect more products from LG, it’s just a case of where, when and what.

Source: Dnevnik.
Via: AndroidCommunity.
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