Well it seems that there is more and more rumours each and every day regarding Samsung’s rumoured Galaxy Gear, which is tipped to be announced at a pre-launch press event at IFA on September 4 in Berlin. The folks over at Android Authority are reporting that the Galaxy Gear will come in five different colours.

The Galaxy Gear will launch initially in four colours; white, black, orange, and grey, although obviously they’ll be named something a little more appealing for the sake of consumers, like they have done with their Galaxy smartphone line up (i.e.: Pebble blue Galaxy SIII).

It is also rumoured that Samsung will release a white gold variant of the smart watch, however it is unclear whether or not this design will be exclusive to certain regions or carriers at this stage.

We will however be watching and certainly counting down and reporting on the press-event as it happens right here at Ausdroid.

So do you like Samsung building various colours of the Galaxy Gear Smartwatch? Would you consider buying one? Let us know in the comments below…

Source: Android Authority.
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Sujay Vilash

Hope it works with HTC One as I don’t think HTC have the cahuna’s to build something like this for their customers. Maybe that is why HTC is struggling.


We definitely need to save the date for this one. If it isn’t announced then that will get the alarms ringing… At which point we just band together and demand information. It’s hour god given right to have access to this shrinking of technology… A minute pda on our wrist! So they better hand it over or deal with the wrath of the wrist of us.I And it will be only the second watch I have ever owned. If I don’t get one soon I might clock someone…


will have to count down to this one.

Lets all keep watching.

Its about time this came out.

that’s it I’m all punned out