Nexus 10

It seems that yesterday’s report from Dan, regarding the security update for the Nexus 4, JWR66Y, is now rumoured to be heading for the Nexus 10, according to Android Police.

Unfortunately at this stage, we still don’t know what the heck the update does or brings to the Nexus 10 specifically.

Do bear in mind that this report is coming straight out of the US and there has been no indication of when or if the update will begin its phased rollout to Nexus 10 devices here in Australia.

There is no sign of the update on any Nexus 7 units as of yet (both Nexus 2012 and 2013), but we will keep our eyes and ears on full alert and bring you the new as it comes to hand.

Nexus 10 owners, take this as a heads-up that there is possibly an update on the way for your device.

Source: Android Police.