Welcome to the 83rd episode of the Ausdroid podcast!

This week Jason and Dan ran the show with noone in the third seat owing to staff availabilities and social lives. We’ve cancelled everyone’s plans for next week in advance, though some of them don’t know it yet.

We followed up on last week’s ispONE coverage with an updated look at the situation and how it’s affecting Kogan Mobile and Aldi differently, checked in with the newest members of Samsung’s Galaxy S4 family (yes, it’s now a family – sort of a sub-family of a family, if you like), spoke a little about the mega-phones we’re expecting to see at IFA, Sony’s new lens attachments, Australia’s incoming Google Play Gift Cards and Australia’s likely less-incoming Chromecast.

Note: This episode is quite late – apologies for keeping you waiting. As such, it also includes references to the Nexus 7 rafffle, which has now ended. Sorry!

Featuring: Jason Murray and Dan Tyson.



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Before discovering the Nexus One, Jason thought he didn't need a smartphone. Now he can't bear to be without his Android phone. Jason hails from Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane depending on his mood and how detailed a history you'd like. A web developer by day with an interest in consumer gadgets and electronics, he also enjoys reading comics and has a worryingly large collection of Transformers figures. He'd like to think he's a gamer, but his Wii has been in a box since he moved to Sydney, and his PlayStation Vita collection is quite lacking. Most mornings you'll find him tilting at various windmills on Twitter - follow @JM77 and say hi!