I’ve just received an SMS notifying me that the Nexus 4 has dropped by $100 on the Google Play Store. The price drop puts the 8GB version at $249.00 and the 16GB version at a very affordable $299.00 which for anyone looking for a new phone but couldn’t quite bring themselves to tip over the $300 barrier for a Nexus 4, there’s no reason not to buy now.

While there’s going to be the knockers who argue that 8GB/16GB isn’t enough storage and there’s no LTE, the Nexus 4 is a great phone and now the price is almost too good to resist.

Head over to the Play Store to pick up a great deal on the Nexus 4

Have you been waiting for the right price to invest in a new phone? Is the sub $300 price on a Nexus 4 enough to get you over the line? Let us know in the comments below

Source: Google Play Store.
Thanks: Olly for the heads up.
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    Francesco Anglani

    Brand new Nexus 4 16GB is already in my place from Monday 2nd of September. Very happy for its performance and price 🙂

    Dawei Deng

    I’m think of getting one for my Dad, Can anyone who get this phone from Google play please tell me if there is Chinese language there? As I found that some phones sold in Australia don’t have Chinese language on the setting. Many Thanks

    Daniel Tyson

    I can’t read some of the Asian language options available in the Language and Input settings so I can’t really tell but I believe there is Simplified Chinese 中文 (简体) & Traditional Chinese 中文 (繁體) in there. – I put a screenshot up – http://imgur.com/pDnXmC7so you can check.

    Dawei Deng

    Thanks Daniel, I can’t see the picture tho, but simplified chinese, which you mentioned, is what im looking for. So, yeah, i will get one from google play then. Cheers mate


    I just ordered mine 🙂

    Usman Yousaf

    very tempting deal. Already have galaxy s4 otherwise, would have bought it straight away.

    Phil Tann

    I have an S4 and I’m tempted to sell it for $450 and get the Nexus 4 for a few months till either Nexus 5 or Note III take my fancy.

    Usman Yousaf

    Sell it to me for $400.

    Phil Tann

    I take payment in the form of Google Play gift cards. 😛


    So tempted to buy one and hope it comes with a FAST or FASTER binned CPU


    I bought this for $400 just a few weeks ago…

    Guess that’s just how the cookie crumbles. I’m still MASSIVELY impressed by the Nexus, I’ll never by any other type of Android now.

    Phil Tann

    Where did you buy?

    Sean Royce

    I think maybe he means including postage. Mine cost $418 with postage for a 16gb model.


    Actually Sean no that was in store! … I’ve been ripped off I think! Still love the phone though; does that make me a mug?!

    Sean Royce

    Least you’re loving the phone mate.


    Stupidly, I bought it from Harvey Norman (I was buying a TV at the same time). I actually paid $420 for it!


    If you bought from the Play Store I think if it was less than 15 days ago they have some sort of buyers protection thing? I don’t suppose you snuck into those 15 days?


    That’s a really good point! It doesn’t apply to me cause, rather stupidly, I bought it at Harvey Norman! But at least you’ve put the idea out there for others.


    Argh temptation. Was ready to by the N4 in February, but thought I’d hold of until I/O, cos a 6 month refresh to add LTE seemed a possibility back then (like the N7 3G refresh).

    Since then hanging out for the Nexus 4 (2013) with my increasingly creaky Nexus S. Sooo tempted at this price.

    Hopefully this price drop means the upcoming new Nexus 4 will have a similar price point to the current one, and I should continue hanging out for it…


    This is pretty annoying. Was going to sell my Nexus 4 that I just had replaced under warranty. Not going to bother now though 🙁


    Same here, was going to put it on eBay last night but didn’t get around to it, hopefully I’ll still get a higher price because mines a white one.


    Holey Moley! Now that is a good price, I might pick up another one, just because.


    A smart phone with 8gb memory. Drop the price by another $50 then people might consider it.


    And you think you know what you are talking about… not much it seems

    Nick Tsiotinos

    Already have enough phones – including the nexus 4. So no – but am eagerly awaiting the Nexus 5!

    Andrew Palozzo

    I bought the nexus 4 on release for ~$400. It was a bargain then and in my opinion still was at that price. This makes it even better. That said, my next phone must have LTE!


    Nexus 5 incoming?

    Phil Tann

    That’s certainly one of the suggestions of this price drop, clearing stock ahead of a new device is the smart thing to do! There will be a Nexus 5, just a question of when it’s announced.


    Me thinks so. no other reason to drop it so much. Unless they are now over stocked.