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Sony maintenance update for certain Xperia devices coming, new features added


Sony have confirmed via their blog, that a maintenance update for the Xperia S, Xperia SL and Xperia Arco S is coming soon and based on feedback, they have added some new features along with the usual performance and stability fixes.

The following has been taken directly from the Sony blog website:
For camera, we’ve…

  • Addressed an abnormality in the white balance.
  • Improved the “Quick Launch” button functionality.
  • Smoothed out (1080p) video recording, minimizing lag.

For apps, services & data, we’ve…

  • Streamlined Exchange Active Sync, particularly when running an encrypted set-up.
  • Boosted connection stability for 2G network data.
  • Ensured preferences on 3rd party apps remain after reboot – not a common problem, but we understand it can be a frustrating one!

For battery, we’ve…

  • Economised power consumption, and heat dispersion for longer life.
  • Corrected juice level notifications, especially when running low.

And for hardware & UI, we’ve…

  • Introduced a home key long-press to launch Google Now, and a double-press to launch Recent Apps.
  • Made sure the volume “up” button is fully responsive.
  • Now before you get excited, it is worth pointing out that there is no timeframe for the maintenance updates to roll out to your Xperia devices as it does need approval from your local carrier, but like any samrtphone user, any update whether small or big is welcomed.

    Do you own an Xperia SL, Xperia S or Arco S? Which update is the most welcome?

    Source: GSM Arena.
    Via: Sony Blog.

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    Trent Klein
    Valued Guest
    Trent Klein

    My Xperia S on virgin just updated this morning. Battery fixes will hopefully be good.

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