Google Play Gift Cards
After we broke the news last week that Woolworths and Big W would be selling Google Play Gift Cards and found that 7-Eleven would be selling them as well last night, it seems Google has finally acknowledged them.

The Google Australia Google+ account has announced that they are now available for purchase :

What do What do Angry Birds, Christian Grey and One Direction all have in common? You can now use Google Play gift cards to purchase entertainment starring each of them.
Over the next few weeks we’ll be rolling out Google Play gift cards across Australia. We’ve teamed up with Woolworths, Big W, selected Woolworth Petrol sites, and 7-Eleven to offer $20, $30 and $50 Google Play gift cards. You can use them to purchase your favourite music, movies, books, apps and games. You can even use them to purchase in-app goods in your favourite games.

Not too much more to say at this point. We are giving away a $20, $30 and $50 Google Play Gift Card as part of the introduction so head over and put your entry in.

Source: Google Australia.
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    Alexei Watson

    So I bought 2x $30 gift cards, one for me, one for the other half… One of them worked, one of them didn’t.

    Contacted play support, they checked the receipt and the card, but still couldn’t activate it, so I have to take it back to woolies today. Well that’s not convenient.

    I think what happened was the checkout chick blipped one card twice, instead of blipping each individually, so only one got activated.


    FREE $20 Google Play gift card redemption for registering Galaxy Note 8 NOT available to Australians!

    Checked staticice and it appears I spent at least $20 more than the yanks could pick up the device for!

    Well it seems that we are charged more for software AND hardware then to top it off we get punched in the nose afterwards when I comes to redemption deals for being a customer.

    Well Google…. I will not be spending a cent at your lame play store. Will likely root my device now……


    Yeah you show Google, by ripping off all the hard working developers that don’t work for Google… Wait, what?



    They might as well complain about being indirectly targeted also… A vicious circle indeed.

    Can I come over to your perfect little world where everything is fair?

    self righteous so and so…..

    Michael Kerr

    Seen them in Woolworths Benalla while doing the shopping. Conveniently placed near the iTunes cards.


    Picked one up for a mate, the dude at Woolies had to get them out of the box.


    As lame as it sounds, this will be in every Christmas/Birthday present I hand to someone for the remainder of the year. 🙂

    Paul Walker

    Please let us pay for our music subscriptions with them 🙂

    Sean Royce

    I’m sure you can pay for music with them. Unless the music subscription service is different.

    Alexei Watson

    I got a $30 one to try this out… later this month I should know.
    It does say MUSIC right there on the gift card though.

    Sean Royce

    Thanks for the info.

    Alexei Watson

    Can’t use it for music subscription.

    I’ve got $30 of gift card credit, all access subscription still charged my credit card

    Sean Royce

    Ah, that sucks bro.

    Jason Hill

    I’d also like this as the discount ends real soon