Friday , May 25 2018

Pocket Casts to support Chromecast, as soon as Google allows it


Ausdroid got the opportunity today to drop in at the offices of developers Shifty Jelly today, to take a look at some of the latest developments in Pocket Casts, specifically the streaming capabilities that they’ve built-in using the Chromecast they’ve gotten their hands on.

While some of the final details, like the SDK are yet to be finalised – currently preventing all third party Chromecast capable apps from being released – you can see in the brief video below that streaming to a Chromecast via their popular podcast app – Pocketcasts – is indeed possible; and it’s as easy as connecting your device and pressing play.

We would like to thank Russell Ivanovic and Phil Simpson from Shifty Jelly for allowing us into their offices again and for letting us give you a sneak peak at what’s hopefully to come once Google have finalised the SDK for Chromecast and allow third party apps to utilize the service officially.

Pocket Casts
Pocket Casts
Developer: Shifty Jelly
Price: $3.99

Are you a Pocketcasts user? Would you stream your audio podcasts to your screen at home, or just videos? Let us (and Shifty Jelly) know in the comments below.

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Phil is an Android enthusiast who spends most of his time reading up on U.S. Android news so he can get the low down on what could possibly hit Australian shores. Coming from a background in IT & T sales, he’s in the perfect position to give an educated view on hardware and software.

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6 Comments on "Pocket Casts to support Chromecast, as soon as Google allows it"

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Valued Guest

That’s awesome!

Valued Guest

Awesome. If only Google would actually release the thing, and the SDK.

Phil Tann
Valued Guest

You can get them now, you can only push Google’s content to it for now. I hope (and expect) that they will open it up eventually.

Valued Guest

Aren’t they still in the US only still?

Daniel Tyson
Ausdroid Editor

Sure are, but a bit of creativity and you can get one delivered.

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