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If Sony’s external lens concept that has been leaking like a sieve has captured your attention, then the price may just make you baulk before reaching for your wallet.

SonyAlphaRumours – the original source of the external lens attachment leak – is advising that the QX100, the higher end of the two lens attachments will be priced at US$450. They’ve also found pricing in New Taiwanese Dollar from Taiwanese site ePrice who is advising that they will cost –

  • QX100 = NT$14,900 = AUD557.29
  • QX10 = NT$6,900 = AUD258.07

The AUD price is not taking into account a price hike to cover local import costs, warranties….Australia Tax. It could of course arrive over here at around the same price depending on what happens in the widely fluctuating currency market.

The concept is interesting, but it appears that Sony may just be pricing themselves out of the accessory market with those prices. If indeed they do start selling at those prices, being the same relative size as a compact camera, then surely you’re better off just carrying a compact camera. Still, we’ll wait to see what features are announced when they officially launch.

What would you be willing to pay for a lens attachment like this?

Source: Sony Alpha Rumourseprice.
Via: AndroidCommunity.
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Sujay Vilash

Ouch! Better to add another $100 and get a Canon EOS 1100D dSLR with a 300mm lense. I know this won’t be compact but you will get better photos.


The DSC-QX100 is a 20MP device, and the DSC-QX10 is an 18MP device. The Canon you are talking about is only a 12MP DSLR

Sujay Vilash

True that. But the point I was making was more important. And that being that if Sony wants us to fork out that sort of money for lenses for what is essentially a smartphone, there are other professional options available which may be better in the long run. Besides, it won’t work for my HTC One :(.


Image quality isn’t all about MP count though… I’d expect to always get better images from a DSLR than an attachment to a smartphone for a whole variety of reasons.

geoff fieldew

Dear Sony, I would like the QX100 and I’m prepared to pay up to $400 for it. Hook a brother up!




If it had a real flash then maybe it could find a purpose. But then, why not just have a Flash attachment for the phone…
You would want the resulting pics to be pretty freaking awesome.