The Samsung Galaxy Gear is really ramping up to be a fascinating product, it’s being leaked far and wide in terms of specs and companion app in the lead up to this weeks official announcement and now Venture Beat are claiming that this is what the Galaxy Gear will look like.

The watch, which was apparently shown off to Venture Beat is still admittedly a proto-type which was sent to developers and partners, so it’s possible that this design could be different to what is launched this week. Although, with developers and possibly accessory partners receiving the device, a number of factors such as the screen size and dimensions, may be locked down already. Venture Beat was also shown a promo video for the watch which these images come from.

Spec wise the device will come with a square-ish 3″ diagonal screen with a 4MP Camera built-in to the watch band and will come with both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, although the latter will be used to connect to your phone.

Venture Beat are claiming that the watch will be heavily focused on fitness tracking, finally utilising the S-Health function that was announced with the Galaxy S4 earlier this year but not really seen since. The camera in the wrist band will be able to photograph your meal and tell you the calories you will consume if you eat it, a particularly attractive feature for the health conscious.

It’s a fascinating product and sure to garner attention from Galaxy smartphone owners and perhaps further if reports that it will be compatible with generic Android devices as well are true. We’ll find out for sure this week when Samsung hold their press event in Berlin.

Source: Venture Beat.
Via: TheVerge.
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Sujay Vilash

The screen is way too big for a watch. I like the Sony SmartWatch, its size and its functionality. From the sounds of it, Sony built a companion for their phones rather than a phone/computer on a wrist. Have to see if it works with non-Sony phones and I might just buy one.


Not my bag. So you can now have a smartwatch which is actually larger than the gag phone in Zoolander. I’m hoping the specs aren’t real, I’ve never looked at my Pebble and gone “Yeah. I could really use a crappy camera there.”