Minecraft Pocket Edition

For Minecraft addicts, the biggest drawback of the Pocket Edition (and most requested feature) is to have external server support. While it was possible to log into external servers previous to this update, it wasn’t easy and caused some instability in the game itself.

Mojang have their own official servers that you can hit once you’re in multiplayer mode in the game, or you can try Pocketmine-MP servers (even host your own if you’re inclined that way) that are available on the internet.

There’s piles of bug fixes associated with this update as well, if you’re a Pocket Minecrafter head to the Play Store and grab the update now.

Developer: Mojang
Price: $7.49+

How many hours have you lost to this addictive game? Let us know how many more you’re planning to lose now Pocket Edition is multiplayer

Source: Play Store.
Via: Droid Gamers.