Updated: Now closed.

Ladies and gentlemen in the reading audience of Ausdroid, we’ve got a few more exciting gizmos to raffle off. This time around we’ve got a brand-spanking-new Google Chromecast, freshly arrived from the USA and a Pebble Smart Watch up for grabs.

Tickets are just $2 each. Yep, we’ve lost our minds.

Truthfully, though, we just want to raise funds for our charity. You might wonder why we’re pushing this a bit at the moment, and the answer is simple. We’re gearing up to run our first gala fundraiser event in November, and we’re hoping through combined fundraising efforts in the lead-up to November to raise $25,000 to go towards the families of sick children over the next twelve months or so.

This is a big target, and running raffles is just one way we’re going to work towards it. We’ve really enjoyed our readers’ support in the past and we look forward to it continuing into the future!

We’re still going to have good old fashioned giveaways — we’ve just run one for some Google Play Store gift cards in fact, and we’ve got more just around the corner, but these two items are here to support our charitable projects.

Like always, the process is simple:

  1. Head over to the raffle ticket purchasing page.
  2. Purchase as many tickets as you want for $2 each. Receive your invoice immediately by email.
  3. Wait for the draw!
  4. The first winner drawn will have their choice of prize. The second winner will get the other one.

The raffle is open now, and will remain so until 5pm AEST next Wednesday, 11 September 2013. The draw will be shortly thereafter, and the winners’ prizes will then be delivered.

Fine print: The promoter is Ausdroid Media Pty Ltd, an authorised fundraiser for the Ausdroid Community Foundation. Ausdroid Community Foundation is a registered charity operating in New South Wales, Australia, and all entries into this raffle are subject to New South Wales gaming legislation. Ausdroid Media Pty Ltd receives no financial benefit for the conduct of this raffle.

Via: Ausdroid Community Foundation.
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    Floyd Droid

    Hi Ausdroid! Any news on who won? 😀

    David Watt

    Now that I’m no longer “on the books” I have entered with a few tickets 🙂

    Adrian Mace

    Purchased the tickets, not sure but it doesn’t seem to say anything about purchasing tickets on the invoice, rather just says receipt of payment $X – can confirm this is correct?


    Hey Adrian, your receipt should show a receipt for three raffle tickets; I’ve just checked the invoice in Xero and it’s showing correctly. Did you read the PDF attachment? That’s the receipt, not the covering email. Just making sure.

    Adrian Mace

    Thanks for the clarification, all is well in the actual receipt 🙂

    Iain Simmons

    Accidentally made a normal donation instead of purchasing tickets after registering with the foundation. Purchased tickets up to the same amount anyways.
    Best mistake I’ve made all week! 🙂


    Certainly a generous mistake — we can, of course, refund the erroneous transaction if you like. We’re not offended! We do refunds for mistakes quite often. It’s no drama. I’ll make sure you get tickets to the correct value.

    Iain Simmons

    No that’s fine, all for a good cause!


    Done… good luck everyone..