The smartwatch scene seems to be heating up with some major players entering the market and Qualcomm have added their name to the ring with their new Toq smartwatch.

Toq is a buttonless smartwatch with a full colour display and wireless charging. It has all of the bells and whistles you would expect from a smartwatch, like dismissing and answering calls, control your music, view messages and calendar appointments and more. To use these features the Toq will need to be paired with a phone running Android 4.0.3 or higher.

With the built-in Qualcomm Mirasol display, the Qualcomm Toq offers crisp clarity in almost any environment. Instead of using a typical backlit display, it harnesses the light around it to offer crisp, clear images even in bright sunlight.

The above statement has me wondering about visibility at night. Other smartwatches like the pebble still use a backlight for viewing at night and I would suspect that the Toq will include something similar that can be toggled on an as needed basis.

Wireless charging certainly is a nice feature and this is done by simply placing the watch in the case.


I will be watching all of these smartwatches quite closely, but so far none of them seem as simple as my Pebble, which I quite like.

Source: Qualcomm.
Via: Android Central.
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I like the optional headphones. The biggest issue I’m having with my current smart watch (a Martian) is Bluetooth wrangling between it and my headset.


Best design smart watch so far in my books. Clean and simple at the same time looking classy

Phill Edwards

I’d really like to know what sort of price they’ll be and whether they’re waterproof.


After seeing that crazy Qualcomm key note from CES i am suprised that they have come up with such a stunning unit… it looks the bit.
I like the screen technology and buttonless… will see how you toggle the backlight on *mashing the screen with your palm*
Wireless charging of the watch and the earphones in the case is a smart idea.


To me, this is the best looking smartwatch I’ve seen so far. It’s almost good enough that I’d consider purchasing.