Galaxy Note 3
Samsung has just announced the Galaxy Note 3, the newly updated Note comes with a faux leather like back cover which comes in three colours – Jet Black, Classic White and Blush Pink but Samsung will be making dozens of different colour swappable back covers available at launch.

Of course with any new Galaxy Note device, there is additional S-Pen integration, with the Note 3 it’s called ‘Air Command’. Air Command is very similar to Halo in that it opens up a circular menu on the screen which contains five different applications – Action Memo, Scrapbook, The Screen, S Finder and Pen Window.

*Action Memo allows users to handwrite a note, and automatically execute a function or convert that handwritten information into formatted content. Action Memo can instantly initiate a call, add to contacts, look up an address on a map, search the web, save a task to a to-do list, and more

*Scrapbook enables users to organize or track down content and information from various sources including the web, YouTube and Gallery in one place so that users can easily look back at collected content all at once. When consumers save content for future use, Scrapbook also collects source material or URLs allowing them to easily refer back to the original source.

*The Screen Write feature captures the full screen image of the current page on the device and allows users to write comments or additional information onto the captured image.

*S Finder allows users to expansively search for content on their device regardless of the type. By putting in keywords or filters such as date, location, and content type, users can search related documents, events, communication threads, and even the Help page – all in one place. In addition, users can also search for hand-written content in their Notes and memo applications, as well as symbols and formulas.

*Pen Window allows users to use the S Pen not only for drawing sketches or writing notes, but now also for opening a small application window for a true multitasking experience. Simply by drawing a window of any size, anywhere on the screen, users can easily and quickly open another application window such as YouTube, calculator or Browser without pausing current activity on the screen.

S Note has also been updated to add more syncing features, it now syncs to Evernote as well as your Samsung account, a new Easy Clip feature allows you to roughly crop around a note or image and it will be cropped into a precise image.

Content wise, Samsung have introduced My Magazine, developed in co-operation with Flipboard, it offers personalized news, social media and entertainment in a magazine style layout.

The Security feature KNOX will now be rolled out globally and will be launching on the Note 3 all around the world. The Knox feature offers protection against malware and phishing attacks and a new Find My Mobile feature, Note 3 owners will be able to disable their phone when it’s stolen or lost.

New Multi-Window functions have been added to take advantage of the larger screen :

With the new Multi Window, users can toggle seamlessly between applications without closing the window or opening a new page, allowing for enhanced productivity and collaboration across programs. Consumers can also run one application in two windows at the same time. For instance, users can read the news in one browser while conducting a web search in another, or send an instant message through ChatON to a friend while reading a message from another friend.

In addition, using Drag and Drop mode within the new Multi Window, users can easily drag and drop content such as a text or image from one window to the other in an instant.

Pen Window from Air Command further enhances multitasking experience by allowing consumers to draw a window on the screen and launching popular applications while continuing current tasks on the GALAXY Note 3.

Group Play has also been improved, originally announced on the Galaxy S4 where it allowed users to play music, games and share documents across Galaxy S4 devices, the updated feature now allows you to sync and play videos together.

There will be S View and Flip Cover accessories available in Blush Pink, Classic White, Inidgo Blue, Jet Black, Mint Blue, Mocha Grey, Mustard Yellow, Oatmeal Beige, Plum Magenta and Wild Orange when the Note 3 launches, the S View Cover in particular has seen an update which sees the window now a lot larger than was seen on the Galaxy S4 S View Cover :

The Specs for the Galaxy Note 3 marry up with what has been previously leaked :

  • 5.7″ Full HD 1920×1080 res Super AMOLED Display
  • 2.3GHz Quad-Core Processor
  • 3GB RAM
  • 32/64GB On-Board Storage with microSD Card Slot up to 64GB
  • Cameras
    • Rear Camera: 13MP BSI Sensor, Auto focus with Smart Stabilisation, LED Flash(High CRI), Zero Shutter Lag, UHD 4K Video recording
    • Front Camera: 2MP BSI Sensor with Smart Stabilisation, Full HD Recording @30fps
  • Ultra High Quality Audio(UHQA) 24bit/192kHz sound
  • 4G LTE with CAT4 Carrier Aggregation
  • WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac(HT80), Bluetooth 4.0(LE), GPS/GLONASS, NFC, IR LED
  • Gesture, Accelerometer, Geo-magnetic, Gyroscope, RGB, Proximity, Barometer, Temperature * Humidity, Hall Sensor
  • Android 4.3
  • 151.2×79.2×8.3mm @ 168G
  • 3,200mAh Li-ion Battery

The Galaxy Note 3 will be available September 25th in 149 Countries and available in the US in October.

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    The p-leather back has won quite a few people over it seems, especially after the glossy smudgy one on the Note 2. More than a little impressed overall by the hardware, personally, though not quite convinced yet about the pervasiveness of the s-functions on its performance. Anxious for the review for sure!

    Colin Richardson

    My next phone!


    what is a Hall Sensor for?


    802.11ac that’s impressive, what other devices have that?

    James Finnigan

    The HTC One and Galaxy S 4 both do, I’m not sure whether there are any others yet.


    Im really keen for it. I just want to see the stitched leather in person as that is my only point of concern. Maybe they will have swappable backplates.

    Im also happy that they made it smaller than the Note 2.

    Does any carrier utilise Cat 4 LTE yet? Not that I need the speed but it will be nice for temporary bragging rights.

    Daniel Tyson

    Telstra and Vodafone are both getting Cat 4 LTE on their networks, Optus most likely doing the same

    Nick Fletcher

    It’s it a Qualcomm CPU or Exynos?

    Daniel Tyson

    Unconfirmed in the announcement or PR docs


    Thanks for the in-depth report Ausdroid. IFA was great this morning; although waking up at 3:00am wasn’t easy. I will be waiting patiently outside my local Optus store on the 25th to collect my 3rd Note device.


    Too small. Hello Xperia Z Ultra.


    When will it be available in Australia?


    The Galaxy Note 3 will be available September 25th in 149 Countries and available in the US in October.


    Just wanted to confirm whether or not Australia was in the count dear John.


    Nikolas, Samsung Australia Facebook Page:
    It’s official! The GALAXY Note 3 and GALAXY Gear are launching in Australia. Prepare for the future of technology on your wrist and in your pocket. Stay tuned for more information.
    Have you owned an earlier model Note device?



    Staying with my Galaxy Note 1st generation for now (running with CyanogenMod 10.1.3 RC1 and NX-Kernel). I think it will soon be time to say bye bye to Samsung… let’s wait for the new Nexus 4 or 5, whatever they are going to call it… as long as it will run with Kit Kat 😉


    What’s with all that stitched leather? What has Forstall been up to recently?

    Daniel Tyson


    No One

    Great device but not for me, way too big and no OIS for camera.