Anti-virus software is something that might be a bit of a foreign concept to smartphone users. For those whose first impressions of a smartphone came from iOS land, with Apple’s nice locked down, safe and sound infrastructure, the concept of security software for a mobile device might seem to be a bit silly, or even laugh-worthy.

The reality is though, our mobile devices are fast becoming far more like computers, and while the danger may not be real and present, there certainly is some risk faced by users of smartphone devices who aren’t entirely on top of protecting themselves online.

Trend Micro, whom we’ve discussed before, are makers of consumer security products and are probably best known for their Titanium Security suite of products. They’ve done a bit of their own research, and unsurprisingly found some amusing statistics regarding people’s knowledge and understanding of social media, and the tie-ins this has with mobile technology:

  • 22 percent of Australian and New Zealand residents surveyed indicated they’d posted something on social media they’d regretted or removed;
  • 34 percent had seen something from someone else on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ that they thought ought to be removed by the poster;
  • 12 percent of Facebook users in AU/NZ check their privacy settings, and only 9 percent actually change them (this on a monthly basis); and
  • 31 percent and 38 percent of Google+ and Twitter users (respectively) have never seen nor updated their privacy settings.

Amongst other benefits (like traditional anti-virus and threat protection), Trend Micro tells us that their Titanium Security 2014 product also contains a social media privacy management tool to make it easy to see, and change, those privacy settings and other settings at a glance. If you’ve ever tried to get your head around Facebook’s privacy settings, and wondered if perhaps they’re confusing because Facebook don’t want you to understand them… well you’re not alone.

Another feature, which parents might be interested in, are the child protection options which allow you to restrict access to certain websites, block certain keywords, and monitoring online behaviour so if your child is accessing inappropriate material that isn’t blocked, you can restrict access to that, too.

Trend’s Mobile Security app (for Android) includes other features, like finding your lost device, checking the security of your device against known apps which might siphon off your data, and allow you to remotely back-up, restore and wipe a device if needed.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

While Ausdroid is not an advocate for any particular product or service, we do advocate being smart about what you and your family do online; there’s nothing more annoying than having your computer compromised by a virus, or worse, your confidential information leaking out.

Be smart out there, and if you’re the type that would like help in doing so, a product like Trend Micro’s Titanium 2014 might be just up your alley.