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Galaxy Note 3
The newly announced Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has just gone up for pre-order on the Mobicity website with two variants of the popular device. Both devices come with 32GB of on-board storage and differ only in CPU type and 4G LTE compatability.

The first model of the Galaxy Note 3, the N9000, is the Samsung Exynos Octa-Core version running – 4x A15 1.9 GHz + 4x A7 1.3 GHz in the ARM Big/Little arrangement. The N9000 is selling for available to pre-order for $899.95 + Shipping and is available in Black or White. It’s worth noting that the Exynos Octa-core version of the Galaxy Note 3 does not carry an LTE radio and will only work on the 3G/HSPA networks.

The second model is the Galaxy Note 3, N9005 is the 4G LTE version of the phone and comes with a Quad-Core 2.3GHz CPU – Strongly suspected but not confirmed yet, to be a Snapdragon 800 SOC – and while not confirmed on their website, should be compatible with the 4G LTE networks here in Australia. The N9005 is also being offered in Black and White for $899.95 + Shipping.

Both models will be available from the 25th of September to ship, which is when the global launch of the device is expected to take place. If you really want to get one of these you have a choice between waiting for the device to launch in Australia and purchase it outright from a carrier – none of whom has announced the outright pricing for the device – or pre-order from an importer.

Will you be pre-ordering the Galaxy Note 3 from Mobicity or waiting for them to come into carrier stores?

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Do you think 4g has progressed far enough to be worth while considering over the supposed battery saving features of the Octacore processor? Do you think HSPA+ at 42Mbs will be good enough to last the next 2-3 years with the current Next G and improved 3G technologies?

Tererai Dube

Guys Unique Mobiles offers much cheaper rates than Mobicity I have bought from them before really good. Based in Brisbane. Their direct imports come from their other warehouse in Hong Kong if no stock is available in their aussie warehouse. $849 for both the models and shipping is $18


Unique Mobiles has the Note 3 at a more expensive price as of 19th Sept, 20 and 50 dollars dearer in each category, N9000 and N9005 respectively

Tererai Dube

Yeah noticed the price went up, regretting why I did not purchase earlier 🙁


I usually go with an import. Probably go with the Octa-core flavour this time round.

Nick Tsiotinos

My two year contract on Optus on my Galaxy S2 is up in October, just in time to switch over to the Note 3! Can’t wait…..


I dont know if it applies to the note but the imported version is slightly superior to the Australian version. I think you cant move icons to the dock in the touchwiz launcher and a few other things. I havent used touchwiz for a while so im unsure exacly.

Im keen on this new note. Im going to wait and see one in a store to see if I like the software and the back or not. Once it hits the $600-700 mark ill grab one.


See if you like the back? Won’t you be putting a case on it anyway?


Waiting to buy an unbranded Australian local stock version outright.


Really hoping carriers (Telstra) will have stock on Sep 25. And that it’s the 4G version. Keen to grab one of these and a Gear on launch day!