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Nexus - 1
Remember the phone in the Kit Kat statue raising video? Well this picture and several more were found inside an FCC Filing for the Verizon LG G2 that was stopping past the FCC for certification.

The phone is missing the horizontal ‘NEXUS’ logo from the video but does have the back camera lens and the flash holes line up perfectly with that phone – and the one from the LG-D820 FCC Filing. There’s also a mysterious hole in the back, centre of the back. The pictures of the phone show the 3.5mm Headphone jack at the top, power button on the Right and volume rocker on the Left, a blurry microUSB port on the bottom and that’s about it.

Not much more we can glean from these photos, the documentation appears to be all about the Verizon LG G2, so it looks like this was a genuine stuff up from someone.

Thoughts? Is this the new Nexus? If so, what do you think design wise?

Source: PhonescooperFCC.
Via: AndroidCentral.
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I’m thinking that cut out at the top might be for an IR blaster. There is certainly a component underneath it, and if I’m putting the breakdown bits back together right, there is a hole for light to shine out of. Hell, it even looks slightly laserish to me.

David Anderton



Anybody else think that’s a removable backing plate that hasn’t been snapped back on properly?


Can’t ugly more.


Is anyone else a bit sceptical about these photos? They are presumably meant to be official photos taken by either the manufacturer or the FCC to show the dimensions of the device. They’ve used a phone as the camera rather than an actual camera, which might have actually taken a clear photo. They’ve dug up a couple of 20 cent plastic rulers that haven’t even been placed square as the measuring reference. Even using a dodgy phone camera, I’m sure my 2 year old daughter could have taken better photos than these. Even if they intentionally made the photos too… Read more »


from the reflection in the face of the phone it doesn’t look like a phone taking them to me- looks like a DSLR on a tripod.

Alexei Watson

they used an olympus camera – you can see it clearly in the reflections. The dill that took the photos used the autofocus – which of course, given the reflection, focused on the reflection of the camera, not on the phone

Ian Tester

I would imagine the FCC would be more concerned about its RF emissions (from the radio and other parts) than what it looks like. These are just for reference.


It’s the Nexus, and I will be purchasing one.


Dimensions are within a few mm of Nexus 4 thankfully.

Was hoping they’d put the headphone jack back on the bottom where it belongs, so you don’t have to turn it upside down every time you pull it from your pocket.

Daniel Tyson

I am totally with you on the headphone thing. But a lot of people aren’t unfortunately 🙁


i concur 😀


I blame Apple for moving the headphone jack to the top but they have realised their mistake since the iphone5. Still awaiting other manufactures to move it back to its rightful home at the bottom of the phone.