The miniaturisation of components is leading to some interesting new designs for Audio-Visual equipment and the Google TV boxes are not immune, this seemingly tiny new Google TV device from Sony is set to be officially announced on ‘Sunday’ according to the Sony Blog.

Called the Sony BRAVIA Smart Stick, the dongle is reminiscent of the Chromecast dongle in size at least and plugs into the MHL port on your TV, it will require power but Sony advise it’s intended to be pligged into the mostly unused USB port on your TV.

The Dongle will supply full Google TV functions including the ability to install Google TV apps from Google Play, as well as Sony’s own Bravia Apps. Additionally you will be able to surf the web using a Picture-and-Picture feature so you can continue watching TV while your Internet

The Smart Stick will come with a Universal Remote that will apparently have a keyboard as well as a microphone allowing Google Search by either typing a request or speaking a query.


With the Google TV team promising Chromecast functions will roll into Google TV at some stage down the track, this could be quite a handy device to have plugged into your TV.

The Sony Blog promises more details – including the model # – will be forthcoming on Sunday, so we’ll be able to see more information on Monday AEST. We’ll be sure to follow up with Sony Australia on availability on this one, it’s been a while since we’ve seen movement on Google TV in Australia and this would be a nice upgrade if priced right.

Source: Sony Blog.
Via: Engadget.
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