I’m pleased to announce the winners of our ChromeCast / Pebble Smart Watch raffle, which raised a further $900 for our community foundation, a fantastic result which all our readers and those who entered can sure be proud of.

Our first prize winner Natalie Davis of Toowong QLD selected the Google ChromeCast dongle. Congratulations Natalie, your prize is on your way!

Tim McAlister was our second prize winner, and received the remaining prize — a Pebble Smart Watch! Congratulations Tim as well!

To all those who didn’t win this time, don’t lose heart. We’ve got another Google ChromeCast dongle to give away soon, and we’ll probably do this as a straight competition rather than a raffle. We’ve got to keep things fun, don’t we?

As always, we’ve got plenty of other things to give away coming up.. so stay tuned to your favourite news source for Android in Australia, and we’ll keep digging up things for you to win!