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David Lieb, CEO and cofounder of Bump Technologies, has just announced on the Bump Blog, that the maker of one of the most popular data sharing apps in Google Play has been acquired by Google.

Bump Technologies makes two apps which are available in Google Play – Bump and Flock – Bump allows users to share Photos, videos, files, everything between devices by ‘bumping’ devices together; while Flock allows users to stream photos from multiple souces at a single event into one shared album. On the blog post that announces the acquisition, David Lieb advises that the applications will remain in place and working and that future updates should be expected.

Google has been making great headway with photo sharing in Google+ of late and Bump could add to the data sharing capabilities of the platform; while the shared photo album creation in Google+ Events could see further enhancements from Flock so, overall it’s pretty easy to see why Google would see value in acquiring Bump Technologies.

Do You use Bump or Flock?

Source: Bump Blog.
Via: AndroidGuys.
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Sujay Vilash

I don’t bump or flock but I like the sound of bump. Wonder why I haven’t heard of it until now ..