Google Glass has so far been connecting to Glass Explorers smartphones as a tethered device, incurring – in the US at least – a tethering plan charge, a small price to pay for those lucky enough to have the device on their face already. But the latest XE9 update that began rolling out last week, apparently includes something which fixes that.

Engadget are reporting that the update now bypasses traditional Bluetooth or other tethering methods with the phone and Glass can no longer be detected as a tethered device, with data now being shown merely in the form of an icon with two arrows to indicate that data is flowing.
Screenshot 2013-09-17 at 3.00.50 AM

It’s the little details that could make or break Glass as a retail product when it finally launches as a consumer device and these little things are what Google has previously been chastised for in the past, so it’s good to see that these details are being thought of. All I can say is, just hurry up and launch Glass, or expand the Glass Explorer edition program internationally.

Source: Engadget.