LG G2 Emu
LG has just launched a new promo tool for people interested in previewing the features of LG’s latest flagship phone, the LG G2. Currently slated for a local launch here in November, this tool gives potential customers the chance to see just what software enhancements LG has added to the Android experience.

The new tool – LG G2 Emulator – which is available on Google Play, is not really as the name suggests, an actual emulator but it will actually take you through the feature set of the new phone using a slideshow type preview. The app guides you through each of what LG describes as the six ‘signature’ features of the LG G2: KnockON, Slide Aside, Guest Mode, QuickMemo, Capture plus, and Clip Tray.

In addition to the feature previews, there are there are tutorial videos on the LG G2 as well as promo videos, currently all available over at the LGMobile Youtube page but also now conveniently located in the LG G2 Emulator App.

If you do check out all the features on the LG G2 Emulator, LG is also running a competition until September 30th that will put you in the draw to win either one of 30 LG G2 phones or one of 500 $25 Google Play Gift Cards. Now, there is a small issue with the competition in that in Australia we don’t have $25 Google Play Gift cards and trying to redeem a US based Google Play Gift card actually won’t work according to the Google Play Gift Cards terms and conditions so, LG Australia has advised that if an Australian winner is chosen, they will supply the equivalant to a higher face value, or in other words, you’ll get a $30 Google Play Gift Card.

So, the actual app is pretty good and will prepare you for what is to be expected from your new handset if that is what you’ve decided to purchase, the feature set on LG phones is growing and adding a fair bit to the stock Android experience. If you’ve never seen any of the features, it’s worth checking it out, the app is available for free for devices running Android 2.2 and above. Side note: if you’re running a device running Android 2.2 then it really is time to look at upgrading and the LG G2, is shaping up to be a great handset.

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