The Nexus 5 just refuses to stay under wraps, if todays ‘leak’ is to be believed. A phone reporting itself as the ‘Nexus 5’ has been spotted on GFXBench – a 3D graphics benchmarking site – where it left behind enough tantalising details to keep the collective Nexus news hungry audience happy for another day.

The results show both hardware and software results from the device supposedly tested, with the board name of ‘Hammerhead’ keeping in line with existing system builds that have been leaked out previously. The internal build on the phone is listed as KRS71D but interestingly it appears that the public name for the next build of Android – Kit Kat – has not made it to the internal builds, with KeyLimePie continuing to exist as the name of the software – some internal resistance to the public name change maybe?

Hardware wise, the phone tested uses a Qualcomm Adreno 330 GPU – only found in the Snapdragon 800 SOC at this time – with a CPU clocked at 2.26GHz. The screen size is listed as 1794×1080, which taking into account 126 Pixels for the soft keys, gives a resolution of 1920×1080.

Of course, this could all be faked, but the rate the leaks have been coming, it’s very likely this is the real deal. It’s a long way to go till the actual release, even if the 14th of October rumour we heard turns out to be correct. That means at the rate we’re going we should see a full review of the device by the time it launches, much like what occurred last year.

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**Looks at his new Nexus 4… decides whether to wrap it up and give to his girlfriend as a ‘gift’…