As a sports fan, it’s important to know who’s performing well and who isn’t even when you’re at the game. A new app, designed for Google Glass, has been released by Developer Blue that delivers real time stats as they become available for Baseball games, as shown in the video they released demoing the app.

The app itself as it’s been built, is fully functional and has been tested at AT&T Park in San Fransisco and shows some quite good use of the Google Glass hardware and software, showing exactly what Google intended by giving developers early access to the platform, when they introduced the Glass Explorer program.

While this is quite frankly not terribly useful to us here in Australia at the moment – Baseball not being the most popular of sports here – the concept can certainly be transferred over to any sport. Once available worldwide, the App could conceivably be converted to delivering results for sports more popular here in Australia. Imagine knowing why that free kick at the other end of the MCG just occurred, or which star of your NBL team is nearing a triple double or even having lap timing on screen when you’re at a V8 Supercars event.

The concept would certainly enhance the experience you get as a spectator, we can’t wait to see more of these apps emerge as Glass gets closer to being fully realised as a retail product, exactly when that will be is not known but expected within the next 12 months, but as far as we’re concerned, the sooner the better.

Does the prospect of real time stats to your eyes while attending sports excite you? Let us know what sports you’d like to see this concept ported to and how it would enhance your experience in the comments below

Source: Blue.
Via: Android Spin.
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    Realtime stats like that would be very useable at the cricket. Have the devs of the app done any trials of the app with US football (gridiron)? That info would give us an idea of how well it might work for the rugby league or AFL.


    As much as I love Google (as I’m sure we all do here!), they don’t seem to love us so much! I still can’t get NRL or any Aussie sports to appear in Google Now which I assume this service would draw it’s data from.


    You’re now able to search for “NRL results” or “[Team] results” in Google Now and get instant access to scores, states etc.. If a game is underway you’ll see live score updates. While not a Google Now card, it’s a step in the right direction! I don’t imagine it’s much more effort to transition this data into cards?


    Thank you! I didn’t know this was available, I’ll look it right now. Cheers!

    Phil Tann

    At this stage it’s ONLY live in the one park where there are specific systems in place to allow the stats to be pushed to present Glass devices.