Galaxy Note 3

In their push to win back market share after a less than stellar last couple of years, Vodafone have been pushing to market quickly with new release items regularly. This time they’ve been first to announce pre-order of the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear Smartwatch in a bundle. After the device goes on sale on October 3rd, the GALAXY Note 3 will be available for $10 a month on a $65 Red Plan and the GALAXY Note 3 + Galaxy Gear bundle will be available for $23 a month on top of the $65 Red Plan.

Vodafone General Manager of Devices, Katie Turkal stated “We’ve put together a great bundle offer for customers who want to pick up both the GALAXY Note 3 plus the GALAXY Gear. We know that there’s strong interest in these devices, which is why we’ve decided to make them available with a special pre-order price over a 12- or 24-month plan”. The Note 3 on Vodafone’s new 4G network is a great partnership for users looking for a new phone and contracting to a network. Vodafone have released a range of plans across 12 and 24 months on the Vodafone Red Plans starting at $65 per month plan payment and $10 per month hardware payment for


The wait is nearly over for those of you who are keen on the Galaxy Note 3, you can pre-order as of 2PM Eastern today on the Vodafone pre-order site.

Do the new plans from Vodafone capture and tempt you to contract to Vodafone? Let us know in the comments below

Source: Vodafone PR.
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Is this plan 4g? Can anyone comment on the reliability of Vodafones 4g network?

Daniel Tyson

It is indeed 4G, the Vodafone 4G network as with all 4G networks depends on which area you’re in, but all indicators are that if you’re in the area, it’s fast.

Colin Richardson

Hopefully Telstra will be doing something similar. My plan runs out next year.


Folks were wondering how they could sell the Gear if it is only locked to a few Samsung phones. Well, this is how. Bundling.

A Note 3 + a Gear for a hundred bucks a month…. if I didn’t have a mortgage and a family to eat my cash, this would be tempting.


Awaiting Telstra announcement (biz contract), but this sets a good benchmark for early availability.