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Just when you thought there couldn’t possibly be another version of Angry Birds one pops up.  Angry Birds Star Wars II.  I actually found out about this one the other day while watching the Disney Channel with the kids.  

Not only is Angry Birds Star Wars II a paid app ($1.09AUD) to remove the ads, it follows the freemium model allowing in-app purchases (paymium?) Maybe because the guys at Rovio are short of a buck, they have teamed up with Hasbro to produce figurines called Telepods that can be used to “enhance” game play.  Much in the same ilk of Disney Infinty (yes my kids sucked me into that too) and Skylanders Giants these Telepods can be used to introduce a new character into the game.  Before the game was even out my four year old was already nagging me to buy him some of the figurines.  The Telepods can be purchased at most general department stores and also some toy stores.

Can you play the game without purchasing figurines or in-app purchases?

Apparently you can.  My Angry Birds skills are nowhere near that required to get to the end of the game to test it out but others have stated that the Telepods are not required and all characters can be found within the game.  The fastest way to get these characters though is of course a Telepod or an in-app purchase.

So if you are an Angry Bird fan head on over to the Play Store and either purchase the ad-free app or grab the free ad-supported app.

Is it just me or anyone else sick of game developers creating games that are not complete (or exceedingly difficult) without in-app purchases?

The app was not found in the store. 🙁
Angry Birds Star Wars II Free
Angry Birds Star Wars II Free
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    I wish I had a kid so I could play Disney Infinity :]