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At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) earlier this year, Samsung demonstrated its flexible display technology, called YOUM. Samsung presented a number of prototype displays, from a wafer thin flexible screen that showed vivid colours, to what they referred to as a “bended YOUM display”.

Bended Youm Display (2)

This bended display promises to be the earliest to be released, and ZDNet Korea has reported that it just might be coming to a premium version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Due to the high cost and difficulty of manufacture, this version of the Note 3 is rumoured to be a South Korean exclusive only. Expect to also see this version clad in high-end metal materials, to match its anticipated eye watering price.

The bended YOUM OLED screen wraps around the right hand side of the phone, allowing users to clearly see a scrolling information ticker tape when the phone is on a flat surface. Messages, notifications, emails and phone calls can be displayed. The Samsung CES demonstration showed a phone with a smart cover that allowed side scrolling notifications to be seen whilst still closed, similar to the current smart cover that Samsung has for the Galaxy S4 that displays the time and various messages in a window on the front screen.

Bended Youm Display - Samsung

ZDNet Korea reports that this premium Note 3 will be released in South Korea on the 25th of October, followed by a lower priced Note 3 with an LCD display for a global roll out in November.

Here’s a video of the YOUM technology being showcased by Samsung at CES 2013:

Source: ZDNet KoreaPhandroid.
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Julian Williams

So it’s not so much a flexible display as it is a curved display…having a flexible display would make sense if it is more durable than a glass screen that could take a bit of impact since it is “flexible”


I really don’t understand the attraction of this technology. Pure gimmick.

No One

Absolutely agree with you. However, it would be nice to put this technology into the smart watch instead of a smart phone.