HTC is that company that most Android fans keep rooting for, even in the face of some truly terrible financial results in their last few financial reports and it appears from a report from Reuters that their woes are not yet at an end.

Citing sources familiar with the matter who advise that HTC is looking to post its first net loss this quarter, mostly due to issues with the HTC One Mini. Design difficulties have led to casing shortages which could contribute to the company not meeting expected shipping targets of 200,000 devices per month.

The HTC One Mini has only just launched in Australia; available currently through Telstra, on the $60 ‘Every Day Connect’ Plan with a $2 handset repayment. The HTC One Mini will also go on-sale next month in Stealth Black through Vodafone who will announce their pricing shortly. Darren is currently reviewing the HTC One Mini and we hope to get the review out shortly.

Source: Reuters.
Via: Engadget.