Alleviating one of the biggest annoyances in the Android platform, Samsung have taken to releasing their own range of accessories for flagship devices of late. The Galaxy Note 3 is the next in line of the Samsung flagship fleet to get this attention from the manufacturer.

Before the phone is even available to the public Samsung have listed an S View Cover, Flip Wallet cover, Extra Battery Kit, S Charger (wireless) Cover, S View Cover Wireless, S Charger Kit and a Desktop Dock for the soon to be available phablet. Much like the accessories for the previous flagship, the Galaxy S4, the price of Official Samsung accessories is sure to be on the expensive side of sensible but it’s great to see a manufacturer releasing quality accessories none the less.


If you’re looking at getting a Galaxy Note 3, will you be buying official accessories or scouring eBay for bargains? Let us know your plans in the comments below

Source: Samsung.
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James Z

im assuming the s view cover will be priced at 50 bucks like the s4 s view cover


With the View Covers, is it just me or is the window getting a bit large…


“Listing” is one thing and the damn thing being available is another…the wireless charging kit for the S4 might as well be vapourware.


I’ll be buying a few new leads seeing they changed the connector on us.. Maybe even the wireless charger.. Hopefully it’s a fast charge.


I’m pretty sure it’s Backwards Compatible with USB 2.0 cables.

Phill Edwards

Yes it is supposed to be backwards compatible


Yep but that’s why its a 3 not a 2, ie, GS3.Note usb3.
If you want usb2 then go for a GS2 Note usb2.
Hope you don’t miss the point.


I’m guessing he was just informing Nikolas that he doesn’t “need” to get new leads as it’s backwards compatible.