Telstra AFL Glass
While Google Glass hasn’t officially hit Australia for Glass Explorers and even Google have not announced a release date for a retail version of Glass, it seems that Telstra is launching Australia’s first dedicated sports app or ‘Glassware’ for Google Glass – AFL Glassware, advising that it will be available for fans to view the football next season, there is also an NRL version of the App in the works too.

The App, which is designed by local developer Seventh Beam will allow fans to follow live match commentary through the bone conduction speaker built-in to Glass, as well as supply text such as scores and stats through the prism display.

Telstra seems pretty proud of their accomplishment and Telstra Director Digital Media and Content, Adam Good says

AFL Glassware is about bringing fans closer to the game than they’ve ever been before. Imagine a translucent heads-up display unobtrusively positioned in your vision field, giving you real-time updates on what’s happening around the league. It will be the ultimate way to stay connected to the game with a simple glance, while staying part of the activities around you.

We love being the digital partner of the AFL. To date more than 1.7 million fans have downloaded the AFL Live App, which features live match streaming on smartphones and tablets and we believe that this development will continue to allow us to help fans connect with the game in the way that suits them best.

As you can see from the vignettes of the App in action above, there is quite a bit of information provided in the status window that will definitely be of benefit when watching a game and only shows what Glass is capable of now, but the possibilities are endless as further updates to Glass keep coming and thus we see what Google intended with the Glass Explorer program.

As Telstra also sponsors the NRL, the existence of an NRL App is also something that would be expected and Telstra have confirmed that while they can’t confirm exact timing on when it would be available, they do intend to make the technology available for both codes.

Glass is an exciting product and it’s great to see Telstra getting behind development of the technology. We can only hope that a retail version of Glass is made available in time for the launch of both the AFL and NRL season next year so that fans of both codes can take advantage of this cool app.

Dockers or Hawks, who’s your pick this weekend?

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Problem. How the hell is glass going to get a data connection at the footy? Obviously I haven’t been to every footy stadium in the country but the ones I have been to you can forget about having any data connection if there’s more than about 10000 people there. Even on Telstra. Even on 4G. How on earth are they going to make it work?


How on earth is Telstra or the other carriers going to get this to actually work at the footy? I know I can never get a data connection at a game…

Lachie Outhred

This is nice, but AFL / Telstra should concentrate on what would benefit far more people, and get the AFL Live Official app working as advertised. At the moment it doesn’t even stream audio without pausing every 5 seconds. Reports don’t look good for video either. Totally unusable.


Carn the Dockers!!


A google glass obd2 HUD for cars will be awsome.. the makers or torque need to get on it!

vijay alapati

wow, thats gd to know how fast companies are using these technologies as advertisements. Come on google show some mercy to Australia.


Not really sure that football will appeal to the 6 people with Glass in AUS, do they know something we don’t? Like a release date…

Phil Tann

It’s quite possible! 😉


If the telcos are flogging footbrawl glassware now for next season, then that sounds like either a Q2 or Q3 launch in AU for Google Glass. Not that Google Glass will be of any use to me, until there is a version that will play nicely with pre-existing prescription glasses frames.


I believe you can disconnect the main element from glass and attach it to prescription glasses.