Facebook for Android updated; allows you to edit your posts and comments, post icons in your statuses

Facebook has updated their Android app today adding only a few new bits and pieces likely to be appreciate by frequent users. You can now edit your posts and comments and review previous changes you made to them in case you need to edit your top-quality jokes when you stuff up the punchline. Also added is the functionality to post icons in status updates, such as how you’re feeling, what you’re watching/reading/listening to, etc. You can also now see upcoming events for your favourite pages.

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For users of the Facebook for Android Beta, there’s very little in this update that you’ve not already been using over the past few weeks.

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  • I already had all these updates as I'm in the Facebook Beta :) Also you can double tap a post to like it immediately similar to Instagram although I'm not sure if that is a beta feature or an official release feature.

    Someone not in the beta could confirm.

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