Vodafone - Note II
The latest Vodafone Software update Blog advises that Galaxy Note II owners will finally be able to use the HD Voice feature that was rolled out to the Vodafone network began trialling back in June.

While some customers have been able to use this update on their modified Galaxy Note II by changing the build prop, official support has just arrived. The update, which is outlined in it’s own blog entry on the Vodafone support site advises that the 1.86GB Update is now available to download via Kies – there is no OTA update. You’ll need Samsung’s desktop software Kies installed on your computer and you’ll then need to download the update, but before you do, you’ll do well to backup your device as the update will restore your phone to factory defaults and delete your personal data – but you should be able to restore it from your backups.

Not exactly the most user friendly update in the world but at least the HD Voice feature can be used and from what I’ve heard when using HD Voice, the update is really worth doing. If you install it, let us know in the comments what you think of HD Voice.

Source: Vodafone.
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vijay alapati

i wonder if user will be able to sacrifice his device clean up for this update and that too via kies :0
like said in article, worst update ever but why the hell on earth it is 1.86gb


Will the HD voice work on a call to another HD phone on a different service provider?

Kevin West

Not good …tried several times, fails to switch to upgrade mode no where to log support from Vodaphone…AGAIN