The rumoured new Nexus 5 must be getting close, as leaks substantiating previous rumours are starting to flow.

In these latest leaks we have a screenshot that displays the white status bar icons we previously reported that could possibly be changed to other preset colours in Android 4.4:

Nexus 5 screenshot

Nexus 5 status bar - alleged

There is a slice of Key Lime Pie with antennae that appear to be the debugging icon. Though we now know that Android 4.4 is< a href=""> officially named KitKat, developers within Google have always called this edition of Android Key Lime Pie. The bottom navigation bar is  black, not the hoped for translucent effect.

Further, log files show a Full HD 1080 x 1920 screen at 443 dots per inch. This calculates as a 4.97 inch screen, which ties in with rumours that the Nexus 5 will have a slightly less than 5 inch Full HD display (although we’re willing to call 4.97 “5”):
Nexus 5 log file screen resolution

Confirmation that it is made by LG Electronics, and that it’s officially called Nexus 5:
Nexus 5 lg confirmation

Wireless charging, which is becoming a standard on Nexus devices, is present:
Wireless charging nexus 5 alleged

If these leaked log files are true, then the Nexus 5 will also have a multitude of sensors, including accelerometer, magnetometer, gyroscope, barometer, gravity, orientation, proximity and light sensor:
alleged nexus 5 sensor list 2

It is anticipated that Google will announce the Nexus 5 on the 14th October, for release in early to mid November.

Will you be buying a Nexus 5? What changes do you think Android 4.4 KitKat will bring?

Source: Myce.
Via: Android Police.
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Think this’ll work on aussie 4g networks?

Daniel Tyson

it’s highly likely we’ll see a Nexus compatible with Australian LTE Bands, although which bands are debateable.

The Nexus 7 (2013) LTE came with a radio compatible with the 1800MHz network which provides coverage for the majority of Australia, but not the 2300MHz network that Optus use for their 4G Plus network.

The 1800MHz band is used in Europe, so the best question is – Will there be a European version of the next Nexus phone?


Daniel, The 2300MHz is only the frequency part of the deal that its not compatible with. there is still the other issue that optus is using TDD on 2300mhz whereas most LTE right now is FDD. Thus far, only Samsung has talked about a TDD/FDD combined phone(which i believe Optus is currently selling). Keeping all this is mind I do believe that TDD is the future. problem is that most bands are organised for FDD. Good headache for governments to sort out.

Daniel Tyson

As an Optus customer living in Canberra I am very well aware of this and have written about it numerous times on Ausdroid. The Dual-Mode Galaxy S4 is the phone you’re talking about and the Galaxy S4 Mini is also supporting the 4G Plus network(TD-LTE network on the 2300MHz frequency) The LG G2 will also be supporting the 4G Plus network and is due to be released in November. As to whether Google releases a phone with compatability for TD-LTE and supports the 2300MHz network is another question. The reason I spoke about the Nexus 7 LTE is that this… Read more »


Daniel, Wasnt picking on you or your explanation. Was just mentioning that for the rest of the population. Didnt realize your in Canberra and havent been back in a while since i moved to Syd. With Nexus devices for some reason Google is always behind right from the camera to network bands. However this may have been due to working with Samsung who didnt want their nexus range to compete with their flagship products. The 2300MHZ frequency is pretty standard TDD frequency but must be a dog of a frequency for indoor coverage?

Daniel Tyson

At the higher frequency, building penetration is definitely an issue, the wife has just gotten the Dual-Mode Galaxy S4, so I’ll be doing some LTE tests on the 4G plus network indoors and outdoors over the next few days before posting.

Damon Lewis

My wallet is ready.


I’ll be handing off my N4 to replace my gf’s ageing SGS2 to buy myself a N5. Easily the best Android device I have ever used and that includes an HTC One. I’m just not into skins or any of that rubbish.
I love my Nexus 7 too, I wonder how good the new Nexus 10 will be?


I want 4.
Refresh the families phones. So, please Google and ASUS, some colours so that we know who owns what.


Just please for the love of god have a 32GB model!


Only a paltry 32Gb for a no microSD device?
64Gb is the minimum I would consider as viable for a device unable to have its storage capacity expanded.


I’ll be buying one as will all those people who ask me “which phone should I buy”

vijay alapati

Not sure how many use wireless charging, but it increases device thickness 🙁


thank god it does, the 4 was too thin and the glass back too slipery. The cover on my 4 corrects all of that and feels amazing. Thin isn’t always better it has to sit well in the hand and be weighted properly.


not to mention it consumes more power.

Stephen Crisafulli

As long as I can get one at a reasonable price. Wasn’t widely available in Australia till February last time


Too right I am buying one. The best Android device bar none.