The only Torrent client for ChromeOS has been removed from the Chrome Webstore and the code removed from GitHub making torrenting on ChromeOS something that is not currently possible.

The Java based torrent client has received different blows from different directions according to the developer who has advised on the GitHub page for the code that the extenision has apparently been cited for DMCA violations leading to its removal from the Chrome Webstore, while the developer has advised that the code has been removed due to licensing issues.

The full statement :

javascript torrent client primarily for chrome web store

Sorry, the source code has been removed from github for now due to licensing issues (I worked on it while at former employer)

It’s also been DMCAd out of the Chrome Web Store.

I will consider rewriting this from scratch, if time permits!

https://twitter.com/jstorrent (follow to show your support for a rewrite)


Employers are often able to claim intellectual property rights on things developed by employees and if this extension was developed using any time or resources belonging to them, then they are quite within their rights to demand it, depending on the terms and conditions the developer signed on for.

It’s not completely over for JSTorrent though with the developer contemplating a complete re-write of the code to allow for republishing. The appearance of full Chrome packaged Apps may also lead to a full torrent App rather than an extension, but either way, if you’re a fan of JSTorrent then please contact the developer to say so.

Source: JSTorrent GitHub.
Via: Craig Tumblison.