National Australia Bank have this week released a mobile payment service that allows users to send, receive and request payments via NFC, QR codes, a mobile phone number, an email address or even via Facebook.

Similar to Commonwealth Bank’s Kaching app, NAB’s Flik allows users to register for the service in-app, and link their preferred bank account to the service. All this requires is that you have an internet banking username/password, which the app will prompt you for and link up your services. The whole process takes all of about two minutes. It’s pretty easy.

Once set up, the app allows the user to send or request a payment. In either case, the user selects the amount to send/request, and then the method to send that request. The array of options is pretty broad, and basically if someone is in your phone book, you can send or request money from them, and if someone else nearby has an Android device with NFC and the NAB Flik app, you can simply tap the devices together to move your money around.

It’s pretty nifty, and it works as advertised. Perhaps better is that NAB Flik works on rooted devices. If a bank isn’t concerned about letting users move their money around on a rooted device, goodness knows why Australia Post is so afraid of allowing users to deal with mail on rooted devices.. *cough*

If the other party is already registered with NAB Flik, the funds will flow between bank accounts just like an ordinary internet banking transfer. If they aren’t, they’ll receive an email/SMS/notification requesting that they sign up with the Flik service to receive their payment. Even non-NAB customers can use the Flik app to receive payments, but as you might expect, they can’t send payments from non-NAB accounts.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

Give it a try, let us know what you think!

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    Still waiting for POS NFC so I can throw away my plastic cards.

    Stephen Crisafulli

    S4 active huh, got to be the first add Ive seen where the phone used is the S4 active, Would be a cool phone if it wasnt made by Samsung

    vijay alapati

    Wish other banks step into this and allow POS payments via NFC soon , Come on ANZ


    Somewhat irrelevant to the majority of consumers that don’t use NAB.


    And yet I am a NAB customer and wouldn’t have known otherwise!! I’m also really interested in the new systems all banks bring out. This method also does involve non-flik users using the service so it doesn’t hurt them to be aware… Let’s have a bit of perspective dude! I don’t need a new phone yet but I still like seeing what’s going on in the marketplace.