Monday , October 23 2017

Samsung Galaxy Gear now available at Dick Smith

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With Samsung announcing the Galaxy Gear smart watch earlier this month at a pre-IFA event in Berlin along with Vodafone and Telstra announcing pricing for the Galaxy Gear along with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 only weeks ago, you would have been forgiven if you thought this would have been the only way to purchase the smart watch device … until now that is.

Dick Smith have the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch available for sale both in-store and online in 5 colours; Jet Black, Mocha Grey, Wild Orange, Oatmeal (beige) and Rose Gold for the recommended retail price of $369.

Now, while I am a fan of smart watches, I personally think the Samsung Galaxy gear is too expensive. With tethering between the device and a select few Samsung Devices, when compared to other smartwatch devices like Pebble or the Sony Smartwatch 2, the Galaxy Gear doesn’t seem quite so attractive.

However if the Galaxy Gear is the smartwatch device you’re after without getting it on a plan directly together with the Galaxy Note 3, then this might be for you.

What do you think of the Galaxy Gear Smartwatch? Have you pre-ordered the smartwatch device through Telstra or Vodafone? Would you consider buying the smart watch? tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

Source: Dick Smith.

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Valued Guest

i dont see why samsung went this way. limiting the watch to specific devices. Sure make it “better” for samsung devices but dont limit it to specific devices only……id rather spend the 149 for sony’s watch, at least ill know ill get the use out of it with future devices should i wish to change phone types.

Valued Guest

It’s not very expensive. It’s one of the cheapest watches I have bought. The idea that a smartwatch has to be cheaper than a normal watch is definitely holding the potential back.

Some watches easily cost $5000.

Valued Guest

The kreyos is something I would be interested in if it does what it says it does and handles Siri voice commands


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