If you’re looking for flagship device specs in a “Mini” device, then 2013 hasn’t been your year. While the in thing seems to be a triple-size approach (small, standard and large; One Mini, One and One Max if you’re HTC; Galaxy S4 Mini, Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3 if you’re Samsung), the main theme for 4.3 inch devices seems to be compromise. When compared to their big brothers, there’s always a compromise, be it screen, storage, CPU or camera. Unless, it seems, you’re Sony.

As Sony’s Xperia Z1 nears its Australian release (there’s one on my desk at the moment), we’ve seen murmurs from Japan today that Sony is also readying a “Mini” device, which seems to have become known as the Xperia Z1 F. Along with the above picture, a brochure purportedly showing specifications of the new device has also surfaced:


The great thing about the Z1 F? The only compromise at this stage seems to be the screen – a 720p display in lieu of the Z1’s 1080p – and the battery – an understandably smaller 2300 mAh unit. Everything else – including the Z1’s 20 MP rear camera, 2.2 Ghz Snapdragon CPU and its water- and dust-poof nature – appears to have made the transition to the smaller device intact.

The Z1 F looks like it’ll be a formidable opponent when it comes time to decide on your next device. I’m excited about this new device, having used the Z1 for a little while, but I’m tempering my enthusiasm with the knowledge that it may never come to our shores. We’re currently only seeing discussion of the device around Japanese carrier NTT DoCoMo.

We’ve reached out to Sony’s Australian PR to see if they can share any information about this new addition to the Z1 family.

What’s your opinion on “Mini” phones? Are you interested in the Z1 F? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Xperia Blog.
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yes please, when is this thing finally coming to Aus, waiting waiting waiting…..

Nick Bryant

Yes, I would buy this phone. As a current Razr M owner, waiting for the next decent option with a 4.3″ screen. One Mini is a bit too long to fit in my running shorts pocket!


If its rootable, I’ll buy one

Chris Watson

This is my dream phone. Smaller form with no compromises, 720p on 4.3inch screen is more than adequate.
Sony Australia, bring it here!
Make a silver one too and the iPhone fans will come running, because I think the current size of top end Android phones scares them


I knew I should have waited 🙂 Still liking the ZR though, and the Razr M was really on its last legs.


I hope it’ll come to Australia being waiting on a true mini phone with the specs i just don’t need the size of a 5in+.


Please tell me that isn’t a headphone jack on the side…pretty much makes it the same size as a 5inch in your pocket width-wise.


that’s the power button!

Gregory Anderson

He means down z bottom… And it is a headphones jack.. yes


No its not the headphone jack. Thats actually the thing where you can attach some wrist strap.


“We’ve reached out to Sony’s Australian PR to see if they can share any information about this new addition to the Z1 family.”

Eh, I hardly think Sony is going to give any more info on this.

Hoping this isn’t another Xperia SX story, where it was only released in Japan.

Daniel Tyson

Never hurts to ask 😉

vijay alapati

Revealed? Should we call this a Leak?