After announcing that Data sharing plans would be coming soon all the way back in April, Telstra has today finally launched their Every Day Connect Data Share Packages.

The new data sharing packages are available for the Every Day Connect plans and allow you to share the included data in the plan between up to three devices – eg. tablet, phone and laptop. But, the catch is you have to pay $20 per month for each device you have connected – $10 per month for the privilege and $10 per month for the SIM card.

Telstra has also advised if you take up their data sharing plans between now and the 31st of December, they’ll include an extra 1GB of data. But you can always add extra Data Packs to your plan as well.

So, as an example, if you’re on the $60 per month Every Day Connect plan, to add an extra device/SIM to share your data you would pay your $60 Fee + $10 for the access + $10 for the extra SIM.

Telstra Share example

Telstra has put together a YouTube video if that’s still not clear enough.

The concept of data sharing is incredibly attractive, what’s not attracitve is the extra $20 per month to do so. I can understand the $10 per month fee to do so, but an additional $10 per month fee on top of that just to have an extra SIM card seems ludicrious.

Thankfully, both Vodafone and Optus are also working on Data Sharing plans and we can only hope that having competitors offering data sharing will lead to some more competition on price.

Will you be adding any devices to your Every Day Connect plan to share your data with?

Source: Telstra.
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Nick Fletcher

Yep $10 for a SIM is ridiculous, as a Telstra business customer I get stacks of 50 SIMs for free, why try and tell us that a single SIM costs $10? If I bring in one of these Telstra unburnt SIMs do you think they’ll give me the data sharing deal for $10 less? I doubt it.

Martin Dolan

Sorry but this is BS… $10 to share and $10 for the sim. So just cut the crap and say its $20 to share. Its like saying your train ticket is $5 to be transported and $5 to get on the train. A train to get to work is useless unless it moves, and if it moves without you on it, equally useless. A plan for sharing data is useless unless you can share the data, and equally useless if the phone you want to share it with is not on the network. Lets see…. $20 a month to share… Read more »


No Martin, this isn’t tethering.
It’s having multiple devices, each with their own SIM, able to access a single data account. You could have 4 devices, in 4 different suburbs of a city, being so widely spaced they would not be able to tether, but with this system, they can all share the same data pool at the same time.

Martin Dolan

Fair enough,
I can see that for family and business use. In that case they need two sorts of plans.
1) a one person multiple device plan say around $5 a month that let’s one person share the same data quota between 2 or three devices
2) a multiple person, multi device share plan for like what you mentioned. (however I still think $20 is too much)

Happy Dog

Always knew the pricing would be this. Perfect package for my new nexus 7 😀


I love the concept but for $20 a month I can get a sim from a smaller carrier for the times I don’t want to tether.

For $10/ month on my old BYOD plan id jump at it. at $20 on a New everyday package. no go but I like the direction.