The good folks over at SamMobile have snapped up a pre-release copy of  Android 4.3 for the Samsung Galaxy S4 (GT-I9505). If you are adventurous and want to flash the new firmware, just be aware that this is a test version, but SamMobile reports that it is stable.

They also say that the performance has been enhanced, being faster with less lag. Most of the improvements are behind the scenes, but a few tweaks that you will notice is a new and improved keyboard, a new Reading Mode that optimises the screen for reading, and improved colour reproduction for the display, making everything look sharper.

Samsung Wallet and Samsung Knox are included, with Knox working well, but Wallet not available yet. Samsung Knox separates your personal from work information on the one handset, which would be a boon for security conscious business users.

Remember that this is a test version and is still under development, so Samsung may yet add more features before the final roll out. The official version of Android 4.3 for the Galaxy S4 (GT-I9505) is expected to be sent to non-carrier bought phones in late October/early November.
Here is the Android 4.3 download with instructions, courtesy of SamMobile.

Source: SamMobile.
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Alan Kerlin

I have a Note 2 on the Telstra 4G network. Had a pile of grief with initial purchase that turned out to be a grey importer ( – avoid like the plague!) because it wouldn’t work on Telstra.
Is there any problem with rooting or flashing phones for upgrades for use on the Telstra network?
I’d love to lose some of the Samsung bloatware, but have been burned once already because of Telstra’s ‘quirks’…


Today, I mistakenly Cancel the Update request notification for my S4 GT I9505 from Vodafone. And after that when I am trying to Check for Updates, it is showing “The latest updates have already been installed” although the version is 4.2.2. What can i do now?? Please suggest….


The update server will only return a positive once in 24 hours. You’ll have to wait until tomorrow.


Yap…….It have worked…..thanks for reply


Alan, ingnore Unbelievable, he’s just out to troll you. Getting a grey import is not doing something wrong. You just have to be careful what you order. From the sounds of things, you ordered an Optus/VodaFail compatabile device by mistake. Rooting an Android device is treated by manufacturers as grounds for terminating warranty. Then again, Scamsung refuses to honour warranty on grey imports. So there’s really nothing lost by rooting a grey import. Problem is you need a firmware that can be rooted. All the latest firmwares are locking out the known exploits. Flashing an overseas device with any AU… Read more »

Alan Kerlin

Thanks Jeni. I wasn’t clear. I returned the grey import and eventually got repaid via a claim through PayPal. And it did claim to be Telstra compatible. I would not have bought from them at all had I known that they were a grey importer. But they are clever – Australian website, phone numbers, the lot. Hence my posting to warm others about them. So now I have a phone bought from JB. But I never see mention anywhere in discussion about rooting whether there are any issues with doing that for a Telstra phone. The definitely is something different… Read more »


Alan, unfortunately you have to take some of the blame. you brought a phone from an external company and expect it to work on your Telco’s network? If you wanted it to work, you should of brought from an authorised Telstra dealer. There is no such Telstra ‘quirks’. You’d probably have the same issues if you used a USA Telco for example.
As to your question, not the right area. Firstly this article refers to S4, not Note 2. Also this is not a support forum.
Go away and do some research and stop blaming everyone else!