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When the Nexus 4 was first released Google advertised it as having USB-OTG but within a few days they removed this from the product page once it was discovered that the Nexus 4 did not provide enough power to the usb port to power an external USB device.  This left many of us disappointed, assuming it was LG’s fault.  This time it seems that LG have fixed this issue and USB-OTG is set to be supported in the Nexus 5.  The other day we saw in a leaked bug log file the hardware that comes in the Nexus 5, including a Snapdragon 800 complete with Adreno 330 GPU, a JDI 1080p command mode dsi panel and a TI USB adaptor/charger .

According to the Texas Instruments product page this USB adapter/charger “supports a wide range of input sources, including standard USB host port, USB charging port and high power DC adapter”.  While this seems great it still needs to receive enough power to power an external USB drive. From the logs the other day more information has been ascertained supporting USB host (USB OTG) support.  Although the Google translation from Androidworld.it is a bit sketchy the logs refer to read/write ability to external storage which,as we all know Nexus devices don’t have.  Apparently, when a USB it attached it will open the Gallery app to allow transferring of images and videos via USB.  The Nexus 5 has also been spotted in USB Host logs from Chainfire EU, the developer who created one of the first DSLR controller apps.


While all this is good news, it’s like buy a set of steak knives off TV, wait, there’s more!  There is also reference to optical image stabilisation.  While we suspect the Nexus 5 will be based on the LG G2 we weren’t sure if their OIS software will be included on the Nexus 5.  It seems it may be, in some form or other.  There is a string in the logs contains “ android.control.availableVideoStabilizationModes (1001a): byte[1]” which apparently refers to both cameras which may also be a bad thing but who doesn’t want OIS for their selfies?

Nothing is certain yet but for me it just whets my appetite for this upcoming Nexus device even more.

Anyone else hanging out for October 14, when the Nexus 5 will supposedly be announced?  Anyone else already letting their CFO know they will be buying a new toy soon?

Source: AndroidWorldmyceChainfireEU.
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Phill Edwards

Anyone know if it supports MHL so will be able to play to a TV? I bought a Nexus 7 (2012) and was very disappointed that this isn’t possible. Something to do with the wifi signal apparently (can’t quite remember all the details).

Daniel Tyson

The last two Nexus devices – Nexus 4 and Nexus 7(2013) – have supported Slimport rather than MHL.


I can second that. Was a bit disappointed that my SGS2 connected to my TV with a MHL cable, but my N4 doesn’t!

… cheered myself up with a new TV!

David Anderton

Still no sign of speakers!

David Anderton

Was my biggest complaint about the n4 so I really hope it’s true!


There are three main questions on the next Nexus phone:

What SIM size is it going to use?
When is it actually going to be available?
How much is it going to be?

It could have any number of capabilities, but if its too expensive, or unavailable like the last time – its not going to be a player.


Nano Sim.
Late October to mid November (Same as the N4/GNex).
Somewhere between $299 and $399.


No need for sd card slot with this

Also Kobe is the best player in the world. Fuck LeBron James

Adam Sacco

Pfft you’re in denial. Kobe is still up there but it’s Lebron’s league now, by any measure. Deal with it buddy.

Michael Wang

Any info of the camera yet?

Juan Mackie

I already have a buyer for my N4 and been telling my family to hold out for the N5 too so I really hope it comes soon(er) then later

vijay alapati

i want one NOW