Telstra Note 3 and Z1

The Note 3 and the Xperia Z1 are much anticipated phones for various reasons we’ve seen pricing for the Galaxy Note 3 already but at the time of that information there was no launch date. Today an anonymous tipster has advised us that both the Xperia Z1 and the Note 3 will launch on the Telstra network on October 15.  

While the Z1 is comparable in specs and size etc to the Galaxy S4 and the HTC One it seems the pricing is too.  In a pricing schedule for business plans the Sony Xperia Z1 is shown to be $9 per month on a $60 plan and $0 per month on all other plans.
Xperia Z1 Telstra

The information we have been given is for Business plans which generally start at the higher end of the range with pricing due to the amount of usage they get, we’ve already seen the Galaxy Note 3 pricing for both personal plans as well as business plans, but now we have a release date for both handsets, although with other carriers launching their devices tomorrow, they may move their schedule forward.

Will you be getting either of these devices on a Telstra plan? Or are you like many of us here at Ausdroid and favour a prepaid plan?

Thanks: Anonymous Tipster.
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I called telstra the z1 is definitely not available now. They won’t disclose any info. So for the person below who said they’ve ordered one I think you’ll find its the older Z.


I will find out tomorrow when it arrives. I spoke to numerous people and they all said that it was. I wont be happy lol.


Gave them another call just before. They are adamant it’s a Z1.


I’ve called them too. Who did you speak with. What number did you call? As the manager I spoke ( having spoke to many other assistants) assured me they had no z1’s or pre orders for them. They happy to say the Samsung note 3 is on preorder. I calling them every other day to check as I want a z1 but giving up if nothing occurs by15th and going to Optus. I so hope you are right and you have a z1


lol they stuffed up as we suspected. Can’t wait to pick one up tomorrrow!


I rang up and upgraded over the phone with Telstra. They said it has been ordered and has just shipped. I can’t see anything on their site but they assured me it’s the Z1.


Any idea on the consumer plans, would it be much different?


is anonymous tipster… Telstra..?? because they posted the launch on their website on Tuesday..?!


I’m getting the Z1 on telstra, but I want them to darn right hurry up with it. And the Virgin plans look alright.

Nick Tsiotinos

As you’ve noted, Optus launches tomorrow. I’m getting my Note 3 tomorrow from Optus.


Have the Note 3 on Singtel 4G. Awesome phone, oh and a much better network than its lousy subsidiary…


Virgin Launched the Z1 yesterday 🙂 note 3 is tomorrow 🙂


Make the Z1 a google play edition and you’d have me interested vrs the nexus 5 due to internal storage options