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HTC & Beats

With Beats Electronics purchasing the last remaining shares HTC had in its company back, many of us were left wondering if this move meant the end to the two companies still agreeing to input Beats Audio software into future HTC devices and gladly it seems for the moment that yes, HTC phones will still get Beats Audio software in their devices.

President and the chief operating officer at Beats Electronics, Luke Wood, says that the company still has 25% investments in HTC along with a commercial deal with the Taiwanese manufacturer. Luke also stated confirmed that HTC do in fact have a large-format device coming out in the fall, which has lead to believe that this mention does confirm the soon to be announced HTC One Max device.

Further note would be that Luke declined to comment on whether the Beats Electronics relationship with HTC would continue past the One Max or not, instead saying that they have learned some great things from their cooperation with the Taiwanese manufacturer.

Here’s hoping that both companies continue to work together on making some quite excellent software and hardware for Android users into the future. Only time will tell if this does happen or not.

Do you think HTC and Beats Electronics should continue their partnership in making better audio experience for users? Do you have a HTC device and like or dislike Beats Audio? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below

Source: GSM Arena.

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Chris Watson
Chris Watson

I hope they continue they’re association. While its just like a bass/loudness boost, its awesome for headphones.
And my HTC has more punch when plugged into a stereo than friends galaxies

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