Nexus 10 Baby

It’s coming, we know it is! It’s nearly a year since the launch of the original Nexus 10 and in the last two months, we’ve seen the focus go from Sundar Pichari confirming that Samsung would build the Nexus 10 replacement to Asus being rumoured as the manufacturer, since that rumour began, there has been ‘confirmation’ of the Asus built Nexus 10 coming from the inventory system at Currys PC World in the UK and this morning EVLeaks added another inventory screenshot ‘confirming’ the Asus built Nexus 10.

It’s still just inventory systems ‘confirming’ the existence of an Asus built Nexus 10, and until a launch is scheduled by Google and a product is launched it remains unofficial. It does stand to reason that Google would be negotiating with retailers at this stage if a launch is imminent so it’s possible that this could be real

Does the prospect of a new Nexus 10 excite your inner fAndroid? Or are 10″ tablets all but finished in the mobile market?

Source: evleaks Twitter.
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If the N10 is as good/better than the N7, I reckon it’ll be the first Tablet that offers a proper alternative to a family PC.


Ever heard of the Surface Pro ?


“Have I ever heard of a Surface Pro?”… Really? To my mind, a tablet is a family device, that is to say it’s suitable for all ages; everyone’s watched a child play with a tablet before. To my mind, that is something that defines and distinguishes it from a PC. The other thing that separates them, is PRICE. I don’t know if you’re trying to be funny or clever by asking a rhetorical question, but I’ll answer it anyway: Yes, I have heard of the Surface Pro. But considering they’re about as popular as Herpes, I’m guessing that people tend… Read more »


You said that N10 will be the first tablet that offers a proper alternative to a family PC, and Chris mentioned the Surface Pro which I think appropriate. Then you went on the second post to explain the difference between a tablet and a PC. So what did you want to say in your first post? I’m confused.


Google event launching Android 4.4, Nexus 5 and Nexus 10 this month?

Quite possible!


this makes me excited..