With stock of one of the hottest products announced at the Breakfast with Sundar event in July – the Google Chromecast – limited to US only customers through Google Play, Best Buy and Amazon, use of shipping forwarders have been your only option to get one of the devices, until now.

Thanks to a tip from Ausdroid reader Lex, we can confirm that you can now order a Chromecast directly from Amazon for delivery to us here in Australia. The Chromecast is available for US$35 or when converted to AUD on the Amazon site it’s currently AU$38.64. There are two choices for shipping from Amazon to Australia :

  • AmazonGlobal Expedited Shipping (averages 8-16 business days) – $11.02
  • AmazonGlobal Priority Shipping (averages 2-5 days) – $36.42

*prices are in AUD from the Amazon website but subject to change.

It’s a little bit cheaper than the previous option of using shipping forwarders and heck of a lot more straight forward. It may be a glitch on Amazons end but at this stage the orders appear to be accepted

While Google is still yet to finalise the SDK for the Chromecast, you can still use the device as quite the effective streamer for YouTube as well as Google Music and Movies and for a shade under $50 it’s a great buy.

It appears that the fun is over and this was indeed a glitch, Amazon has stopped taking orders for the Chromecast for international customers.

Have you purchased a Chromecast?

Source: Amazon.
Thanks: Lex.
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    “We’re writing about *order number* for Google Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player. We recently learned of an error that allowed this item to be available to ship to international addresses. Unfortunately, this item is not currently intended for use outside of the United States. Outside of the United States, all of the functionality of this item may not be available and the manufacturer’s warranty is void. We’re sorry for any inconvenience this causes. You don’t need to take any action if you still want to receive the item. If your order hasn’t shipped yet, you can cancel it by going… Read more »


    Thanks Amazon, I’m cool for it to continue shipping

    Carsten Bauer

    Got mine shipping too, just in time 🙂


    Ordered yesterday pretty much as soon as the article got posted, got my “Has shipped” Confirmation in Gmail & Google Now (new card! Woot) this morning


    Ditto. Mine shipped this morning! Can’t believe I was one of the lucky few to score a Chromecast in Australia the easy way. Total cost with shipping was under 50 bucks!


    I found I could order a Chromecast for between $35 and $50 from the shippers who have international shipping policies, but the cost of shipping was in the $80 to $124 AUD range on top. Too much.


    When I tried to order it said it could not ship to my address here in Australia.


    Ordered mine. Received confirmation of shipping this morning.


    Looks like it was a glitch and they have fixed it, won’t allow me to order


    Doesn’t work anymore. Trying to order now and it won’t ship to my address


    Not to me they won’t ship it.


    Wow was just talking about this today and how annoying it is that I haven’t got one yet. Will probably order one tomorrow.


    Amazon won’t ship it to me grr


    can only assume they are now overstocked and are trying to get rid of units


    looks they ship nexus7 aswell? or thats old news/?

    Carsten Bauer

    Just ordered mine tonight 🙂


    Great… awesome.. mine are coming via ComGateway and currently in Darwin. I think it ended up being roughly the same price though.


    So I’ve just read that because Chromecast is still technically US only people outside of the States will need to get the apk separately to get things running. Anyone know how this process might work?


    apparently you need chromecast 1.1.2 which is currently the latest. download here:


    Chromecast. On sale 3 months ago, and it STILL isn’t ready for the real world.


    Ahhh Jeni, Always commenting always negative.


    I don’t always comment in the negative, Chris. But in this instance, where Chromecast still is officially a US only device, Google won’t sell it to the world but Amazon will, and the SDK is still not out so devs can make apps to make the device useful, I think my negative comment is appropriate.


    Jeni you are usually negative with your comments. Look on the bright side at what it is and what potential it has. Google has its reasons same with Glass they are staging and growing the product to what it can be by selecting a market. 3 months is not a long time for a first gen product these things take time. Be happy amazon let’s you buy it at all.

    Stephen Crisafulli

    All my excitement for this thing has been lost because google have done nothing with it. I have XBMC on a pc for youtubing phone to tv and Google music is second class I recommend Spotify and Rdio over it any day.


    I much prefer Google Play Music over Spotify. Rdio is pretty good but I ended up going with Google because they’ll always be ahead of the competition when it comes to tight integration with Android and other Google services.

    Alexei Watson

    I pretty much bought this just for play music all access directly through my amp, wirelessly.


    Yeah, my TV already has smart functionality with YouTube allowing me to send it videos from my phone or tablet. However, it doesn’t do Play Music which looks like a totally awesome feature for the Chromecast. Should be awesome!

    Michael Reville

    How well does Play Music queuing work with multiple people controlling it? That’s a great sounding feature.


    Wasn’t that just a feature of the now deceased Nexus Q?

    Michael Reville

    Hmm, looks like it might just be YouTube queues for now, Music queues hopefully not far behind…


    Yeah I’m sure that’s exactly the sort of thing that’s in the pipeline.

    Alexei Watson

    Yeah my TV does too, although the app kind of blows. I’m hoping the chromecast can power on and off the TV and AMP, like the ps3 does using control over HDMI




    Good news everyone!

    Alexei Watson

    I laughed out loud.

    acronyms are so 2012


    Just bought two 🙂


    4 ordered 🙂

    Michael Reville

    I suppose this will require a US power plug adapter? (I doubt want to use the hdmi power supply because then you can’t turn your tv on with the chromecast)


    It will be a US plug, cause you are ordering a US product. Lucky for you its just a bog standard USB power adapter so any AU one you have around will work or use an adapter. BTW Some TV’s have always powered USB ports, samsung from memory had always powered USB ports as thats how they charged the 3D glasses.


    It uses a standard micro-USB to power it; there’s no charger in the box, just the dongle itself and a USB cable. If you want to power it from something other than your TV, you’ll need to supply your own USB power supply.

    Michael Reville

    No power supply? I’m surprised. But I guess they’re easy to come by. I’m guessing that if you run it off a powered USB socket on the TV, you still won’t be able to use CRC to turn your TV on..

    Alexei Watson

    yeah, I think for the dongle to switch on your device, it has to be mains powered. I’m’m going to find another USB wall plug dooovywacker to use.


    Google’s own page says it has an adapter, and it has an adapter in the couple of unboxing’s I’ve watched? Not that its an issue anyway..


    i meant to say, charger… not adapter




    Just received mine today that I ordered via one of the shipping forwarders … Looking forward to use it soooon 🙂

    geoff fieldew

    Google won’t ship one to us but their biggest online sales competitor will. This amuses me.


    Google over does this whole only us thing!

    Myles Harris

    YES! Thank you Google.