Google Hangouts has seen a mixed reception, from some who have found the feature set lacking and offering nothing over the previous instant messaging client Google Talk, to those who have seen the features enhance their social interactions and even allow for greater work communications, but there seems to be a universal consensus from both camps, that SMS integration would improve matters to a large extent, now AndroidPolice have been tipped that the next Hangouts update will indeed include this.

The tip included two pictures of SMS being integrated into Google Hangouts and as with any good tip, there is a warning that it’s possibly fake, but the guys at Android Police seem pretty sure on this one. They’ve been advised that MMS is also supported in the upcoming update – while pictures are confirmed, there is no indication that video can or can’t be sent.

The options for read-receipts on messages sent through hangouts via SMS is included and each SMS sent has a timestamp next to the ‘via SMS’ label within the hangout.

SMS integrations is definitely about the only real missing feature for Hangouts users, although with any messaging app, there can never be too many features…if they work well. We’ll most likely see this update with the launch of Android 4.4 Kit Kat, but given Google’s recent moves to update apps like GMail, YouTube and even Hangouts prior to an expected Kit Kat announcement this month, it’s possible Hangouts may see an update in the near future.

Is SMS integration something you’ve been waiting on for Hangouts?

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    Trent Hill

    If I am sitting at my desktop which has hangouts running and I receive an SMS to my phone, I would LOVE it to route to my desktop.
    Even better, the ability to send a message from hangouts on my desktop and have it routed through my phone and out to the intended recipient via SMS (if they don’t have hangouts) would completely seal the deal.

    Pure integration of sms into the app on my phone (without mirroring to my tablet and desktop) is still welcome, but not as exciting.

    Julian Williams

    If Google really want adoption of hangouts this is the much needed feature. It’s the same reason that iMessage became popular; because it integrated with SMS, and therefore if your friend had an i-device, it automatically (automagically for Apple users 😛 ) sent it via iMessage, else it just sent via standard SMS.


    I wonder how long it will take Google to roll out an ‘update’ to Hangouts, which forcibly nukes your stock SMS app.

    Greg Irvin

    One of the screen captures of the rumored app update included a selectable check box that said “Turn on SMS”.. this would indicate that those not wanting to integrate their SMS into the hangouts app have the choice not to.

    Damon Lewis

    I don’t get the excitement about SMS and IM being together in the same app.

    vijay alapati

    might not be true as they try to make it consistent between the all platforms and no way apple will approve this 🙁


    Why wouldn’t Apple approve it?

    Whatsapp is on iPhone. That’s another cross-platform messaging system.

    vijay alapati

    I’m talking about sms integration, whatsapp doesn’t have this feature.


    Cool, finally it’ll be implemented.

    I use the stock SMS messenger on my phone the most, but will be happy to move to Hangouts. Only thing stopping me from using Hangouts was the lack of SMS function. Friends having iPhones and Blackberries and older phones – SMS was just the universal way to communicate so people didn’t have to all have a particular app.

    Does this also mean I won’t have to do those SMS backup/restore things when I move to a new phone? It’ll do everything automatically, right?


    This is pretty obvious, when you install hangouts now it asks to confirm your mobile number

    Sujay Vilash

    Will SMS via Hangouts use Cellular or Data to send and receive (ala WhatsApp) ?


    It’ll function just like iMessage does. If you’re sending a hangouts message to a user that has hangouts then it’ll use any available data connection, but if you’re sending an SMS, it’ll use your cellular network.

    Timothy Westman

    I doubt that SMS will be integrated with the iPhone… I am unsure if they allow that… Do they???


    iOS does not allow apps to tap in to SMS, so it will be a no go on iOS and the Hangouts iOS app will remain as is.

    The good news is Hangouts is cross platform and available on Android, iOS and via any web browser [Gmail, Google+ etc..] so everyone can use it, unlike iMessage.

    Alexei Watson

    I don’t send a lot of SMS anymore, but man, I still want this heaps, just because it tidies up the mess. My parents are a great example for how not to be consistent with messages with two available apps.

    finally also, a one app solution for IM+SMS between iphone and android. Hopefully it’s executed as tidily as imessage, but with the cross platform ability.

    Iain Simmons

    I use Facebook Messenger for both IM and SMS, both of which an iOS user could receive on their iPhone. Plus, unlike Hangouts, almost everyone I actually know (i.e. have met in person) has Facebook. That and the chat heads can be handy.

    But, as some have mentioned, I think the key here for Google would be integration with the web, so as to have a seamless experience on the desktop. I’m looking forward to it.


    Oh golly I hope it’s not fake. Although, now that I think about it I don’t really remember the last time I sent an SMS, pretty much all chat is via Hangouts now anyway.